Consortium Cross Registration Process Information for ALL Participants

CUWMA - Washington Area Consortium Program - Gallaudet University participates in The Consortium of Universities and Colleges of the Washington Metro Area cross-registration program - a inter-institutional cross registration process which permits students enrolled in degree programs at one institution to request to register for an * approved course that is being offered at another a member participant institution. This program has been used by Gallaudet students since the mid 1980's and has given our students a broader understanding and experience in higher education as well as supporting their degree studies.

Appropriate Reasons for CUWMA Consortium Program Participation Include:

  • Augment/enhance a student's degree program
  • Challenge a student visiting another school with different class structure/environment
  • Broaden their college experience if doing well overall at Gallaudet

Visit the various member institution main campus program and scheduling links using the CUWMA Web Link: - Only main campus course offerings apply. Limited online courses (includes courses which are generally offered on the main campus without special contracts) may be allowed (the host institution determines which online courses are allowed in the request process).

Interpreting requests are officially submitted by the Gallaudet Registrar's Office - Consortium Coordinator on behalf of the student when indicated/selected on the authorization request form.

The Consortium of the Washington Metro Area Member Institutions

  • American University
  • The Catholic University of America
  • Gallaudet University
  • George Mason University
  • Georgetown University
  • The George Washington University
  • Howard University
  • Marymount University
  • National Intelligence College *
  • National Defense University
  • Trinity Washington University 
  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences ** 
  • The University of the District of Columbia
  • The University of Maryland

* Cross registration at these military institutions is by special articulation agreements only. Not open to general cross registration with all member institutions. ** Restrictions by program & institution cross registration limits apply.

Review all program/course restrictions called 'exclusions' on chart - open this link- Consortium Cross Registration Exclusions – Review the appropriate career power point show (below) and then complete the related career CUWMA Consortium Authorization form (below)– using one form per institution and obtain the required approval signatures. Submit the completed form on time (with no less than five weeks' time prior to the start of the term/session) for best results. If a course specifies permission is required - please pursue the permission and have that sent by the institution email (host institution’s campus email) to the Consortium Coordinator. This will allow the process to continue at GU if there are no GU policy or academic concerns and then the official request will be submitted to the host institution. Some programs do not intend for courses to be accessible for Consortium students. Please check with the Consortium Coordinator to determine if a course or program course is restricted to the home institution program students only.

Interpreting services are requested on a student's behalf in the official cross registration request process between institutions. The visited school is responsible for providing interpreters (by their policies/procedures to contract interpreters) and interpreting services will be covered by the host institution. Most institutions now provide all catalogs, schedules and program department information online.

DEGREE CANDIDATES: Students taking a CUWMA Consortium course in their final semester before graduation need to be aware that the date of your graduation may need to be delayed if the required official grade report is not available in time for degree conferral.

Policies and procedures may change periodically. For any updates in policies, procedures or restrictions or other questions or concerns about the CUWMA Consortium Program or process, contact the Consortium Coordinator at the Registrar's Office.

Most institutions provide catalogs and course schedules online along with campus maps, travel directions as well as academic department program information.

For more information about Consortium schools and their courses/programs available to Gallaudet students, go to the appropriate degree program career power point show.

Consortium Cross Registration Authorization Forms:

  • Undergraduate (EchoSign) – Baccalaureate Degree Program Students
  • Graduate (EchoSign) – Masters/Doctoral Degree Program Students