Siena School in Italy & UFSC in Brazil are Study Abroad Consortium

Siena School in Italy Consortium and UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil are unique Consortium programs for study abroad with 'resident credit' and course/record attributes for students at Gallaudet University the same as the CUWMA and OCICU Consortium programs. These programs are regulated and have special processes as well as requirements established in agreement between the host and home institutions. Consortium study abroad is different from other study abroad programs due to the fact that the student retains an active Gallaudet semester without needing to withdraw to attend and transfer credit back to Gallaudet. The grading, course and credit values as well as official records are handled by the Registrar's Office, Consortium Coordinator for the student's semester records with the host institution. The Consortium Coordinator will also coordinate with the parent academic department program and International Student Services Office on campus to assist eligible students with proper forms as well as cross registration at the Registrar's Office. Gallaudet students typically participate in Siena School's Summer Study Abroad for Signers and the spring study semester at UFSC.


  • Students must be a degree seeking student
  • Be in good academic standing 
  • Be in good financial standing
  • Have no campus judicial or legal concerns which would impact study abroad
  • Be able to commit to a 'summer' or 'semester' study abroad at your own expense (tuition paid at GU - costs for travel, accommodations or program study abroad not included in GU tuition/fees).

Forms, information and guides for cross registration available with the Consortium Coordinator in the Registrar's Office.

DEADLINES: Students must apply with Siena and clear all requirements for course registration by the deadlines posted by each institution.


CONTACTS:GU Registrar's Consortium Coordinator: Barbara Proctor - 202.651.5835 - Registrar's Office - Chapel Hall 101

Siena School: Christine Brown, Deaf Studies Program Developer & Coordinator at the Siena School for Liberal Arts - - 
Skype: skype:%20deafstudiessienaschool

GU Contact: Dr. Steven Collins - GU Department of Interpretation -

UFSC Contact: Prof. Rodrigo Rosso Marques, Head of the Department Departamento de Artes e Libras