Internationalization (IZN) Lab

Gallaudet has joined the Internationalization (IZN) Laboratory of the American Council of Education (ACE), an invitational learning community that will greatly assist the University in developing goals, strategies, and action plans for comprehensive internationalization aligned with its strategic goals. The lab is an invitational learning community with participation by 127 institutions from across the U.S. and around the world who are committed to enhancing their capabilities and strategies for comprehensive internationalization.

The 18-month Internationalization (IZN) planning effort is being led by a steering committee co-chaired by Dr. Caroline Solomon, a professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics, and chair of the Faculty Senate; Dr. Charles Reilly, executive director of the Office of Research Support and International Affairs; Gregoire Youbara, an instructor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures; and William Hughes, assistant treasurer in the Division of Administration and Finance.

Gallaudet has nine Working Groups that are taking a bilingual approach to focus on such challenging issues as advancing the University's planning in new areas such as recruitment strategy and education abroad; improving existing areas, e.g., international student support and ensuring inclusion of these students in the campus community; and addressing Gallaudet's unique obligation to work with deaf communities and educators worldwide through international collaboration. In collaboration with standing university teams, the IZN leaders are identifying emerging issues needing campuswide attention, such as an international student enrollment management approach. Each Working Group has one or two leaders, and a balanced membership among faculty, staff, and administrators. Arlinda Boland has joined the effort as full-time IZN Planning and Engagement Coordinator, and Rowena Winiarczyk, the University's coordinator of Research and Global Projects, serves as IZN's internal monitoring and evaluation specialist, based in the International Affairs unit.

Dr. Robin Helms, director of ACE's Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement, has visited campus to better familiarize community members involved in the internationalization lab with the IZN process. She said that the end result of this initiative should be highly rewarding -- enhanced institutional reputation and competitive position, preparing students for global citizenship, making students more competitive in the global marketplace, enhancing the research agenda, and helping to create a better, more understanding world.

Provost Carol J. Erting has expressed her appreciation for the University's access to ACE's wealth of resources, which include expertise, networks, a vast online library, and best practices in international education such as curriculum and co-curriculum objectives, education abroad, faculty and administrative practices, inclusion of international students, and overseas collaborations. She emphasized the importance of the IZN initiative and the promise it holds for current and future generations of deaf and hard of hearing people around the world.

Recently, Gallaudet responded to an invitation by ACE and presented its IZN structure to a cohort of 11 universities in the Internationalization Laboratory during a webinar.
The IZN Lab webpage will share updates and events with the Gallaudet community as it works together to comprehensively internationalize the University. To learn more about the IZN lab, please email