Photos and Videos from Research Expo 2016

This is a collage of many images, each of which is described in the text.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Dr. Clifton Langdon, assistant director of the Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging (BL2) and a panelist in the morning discussion forum in Elstad Auditorium, makes a presentation;
  2. Andrew Biskupiak, a student in the Honors Program, presents "An Oral History of Homophobic Bullying in All-Deaf and Mainstream Schools: The Experiences of Deaf Lesbian and Deaf Gay Persons";
  3. Provost Carol J. Erting addresses the audience about the significance of Gallaudet's research through the decades, the increasing diversity of the University's research community, and how undergraduate and graduate students are reshaping our research vision;
  1. Dr. Brenda Nicodemus, associate professor in the Department of Interpretation and director of the Interpretation and Translation Research Center, and a member of the researchers' panel, presents to the audience;
  2. Expo attendees view one of the 26 research projects by students and faculty on display in the Living and Learning Residence Hall 6 in an afternoon poster session;
  3. Dr. Erting and Expo principal organizers Senda Benaissa and Evan Goodman from the Office of Research Support and International Affairs pose for a photo;
  4. Dr. Marlon Kuntze, associate professor in the Department of Government and Public Affairs and panel facilitator, makes a point while the panelists look on: (from left) Dr. Paul Sabila, (professor, Science, Technology, and Mathematics), Dr. Brian Greenwald, (professor, History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology, and director, Center for Deaf Documentary Studies), Dr. Carolyn McCaskill (professor, ASL and Deaf Studies), Dr. Karen Garrido Nag (assistant professor and interim program co-director, Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences), Dr. Christian Vogler (associate professor, Communication Arts Research, and director, Technology Access Program), Dr. Terra Edwards (assistant professor, Linguistics), Dr. Nicodemus, Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (co-principal investigator and science director, Visual Language and Visual Learning, and scientific director, BL2, and Dr. Langdon;
  5. (from left) Dr. Katja Zelljadt of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Dr. Mark Leddy of the National Science Foundation, and Dr. Amy Sussman of the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, were invited by the Office of Sponsored Programs to present "Let's Talk -- Communicating with External Funding Program Officers";
  6. Paige Foreman, a student in the Honors Program, presents "Deaf Philosophy of Music";
  7. President Roberta "Bobbi" Cordano welcomes the audience and participants to the inaugural Expo; and
  8. Undergraduate and graduate students who gave four-minute presentations during the morning session gather for a photo.
Full Length Video of Morning Session, 2016 Gallaudet Research Expo