Groups of Four

All four students must complete the Housing Application online via BISON.  Only ONE Lottery Application is needed for Group of 4.  You may choose one person to complete the Lottery Application. Room Lottery information will be shared with everyone in the group.

Residence Hall choices are LLRH6 for first/second year students and Carlin Hall and Clerc Hall for undergraduate and ELI students.  Graduate students will be placed in the Graduate Community in Carlin Hall.

In the event that the Group of 4 suites are filled and there are remaining Groups of 4 on the list, they will be moved to Groups of 2 according to their room assignments (i.e., room A and room B/C) and to their Lottery Points as Groups of 2. They will remain on the waiting list for Group of 4 according to their Lottery Points and will be contacted by the Housing Operations Manager when a suite becomes available to them.