150th Anniversary Housing Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I reserve rooms for 150th Anniversary?

We are accepting requests on a first come, first serve basis from now until July 7, 2014.

What are the nightly rates? 

There are two different nightly rates: Rooms with private bathroom (Carlin Hall, Clerc Hall, and LLRH6) and rooms with public bathroom (Benson Hall and Ballard West).  Hall/room assignments are subject to availability.

Early Bird Rate (Before April 1, 2014)

  • For Benson/Ballard West, the nightly rates are $20 for the first person and $10 for each additional person in the suite (up to 2).  Linens are included.
  • For Carlin, Clerc, and LLRH6, the nightly rates are $30 for the first person and $10 for each additional person in the suite (up to 4).  Linens are included.

Regular Rate (After April 1, 2014)

  • For Benson/Ballard West, the nightly rates are $30 for the first person and $20 for each additional person in the suite (up to 2).  Linens are included.
  • For Carlin, Clerc, and LLRH6, the nightly rates are $40 for the first person and $20 for each additional person in the suite (up to 4).  Linens are included.

Do you offer a group rate?

No, we do not offer group rates for this event.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take reservations with credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) and money orders.  Payments must be made prior to arrival.  If you prefer to pay with money order, please make the payment by mailing the payment to us via snail mail.  Payments must be received by the Residence Life Office by July 1, 2014 or room assignments will not be given until payment is received.  If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, we will give you further instructions regarding payments once Visitor Housing Registration form has been received.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, if you choose to cancel your request for Visitor Housing any time after July 1, 2014, the fee is $25.00 and you will be refunded the remaining balance.  Refunds take approximately 1-2 weeks to process.

Is there a limited number of guests?


Can I register my child(ren)?

Yes, you can.  All families with children will be assigned to residence halls with private bathrooms.

Can I get a suite with private bathroom?

If there's an overflow on requests, then assignments will be made in the residence hall(s) where only community bathrooms are available.  However, if you have medical or disability needs, we will accommodate you according to availability.

Residence halls with public/community restrooms are in Ballard West and Benson Hall.

Residence halls with private restrooms are in Carlin Hall, Clerc Hall, and LLRH6.

Will linens be provided?

Linens are included in the cost.  A set of linens includes a pillow, pillowcase, two sheets, blanket and a towel.  However, they will not be exchanged on a daily basis.

What amenities are included in the room?

There are suites with 2 to 4 twin-sized beds, desks, chairs, closets, dressers, nightstands.  We do not provide microwaves, refrigerators, hangers, hair dryers, irons or ironing boards.  TVs are available for use in the lobby areas.

Can I choose a specific residence hall?

Guests will be assigned to specific residence hall(s) according to availability of the suites/rooms along with the needs of each group. 

When can I check in?

You can check in after noon on the day you're scheduled to arrive.

What if I lose my room key and/or Access card?

You can report the lost key/access card to the residence hall office and a replacement will be given to you.  The cost of replacement will be $50 for the lost key and $25 for the access card.  Payments for the replacement(s) must be made in cash and paid upfront prior to getting a replacement(s).

Where can I get my meals on campus?

The MarketPlace in the Student Union Building will be open for breakfast and lunch.  The cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can purchase your meals with cash or credit/debit cards.  There are also a variety of local restaurants that are within walking distance.  

Will I be able to access the Internet?

Yes.  Instructions will be provided on how to access the Internet once you pick up your Visitor Housing folder upon check in.

Where can I get a parking pass?

Parking passes can be purchased at the Department of Public Safety office.  To inquire more about rates, they can be reached at dps.parking@gallaudet.edu.

Am I allowed to bring my dog(s)?

No, Gallaudet University does not allow any kind of pets inside the building unless it is a service dog.

According to the University Handbook, visitors with service animals may bring their service animals on campus without formally registering the animals, but are responsible for ensuring that their service animals have up-to-date immunizations and vaccines in compliance with District of Columbia vaccination requirements at the time of their campus visits.

What am I NOT allowed to bring in the residence hall?

According to the University Handbook, underage drinking, illegal drugs, electric heater or any other items that do not meet the required UV safety and weapons are not allowed.

For more information on Gallaudet University's policies, please navigate here.

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