Terms of Occupancy


Gallaudet University, hereinafter called the University, shall provide to the undersigned applicant, upon availability, a residence hall room assignment commencing on:

  1. The first day of New Student Orientation for participants, or
  2. The day before the first day of class for all other students, and terminating for all undergraduates and graduates not eligible for commencement exercises within 24 hours after:
  • A resident's last class (within 48 hours after taking a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University), or
  • The last exam prior to the end of the fall and spring semesters.

The housing contract is binding upon signature and for the entire time the student resides on campus during the academic year and/or summer months. The University may terminate the contract at any time when the situation is deemed appropriate through administrative action.


A required $200 housing deposit must accompany this contract.

Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis as housing contracts and housing deposits are received. On-campus housing is not guaranteed to all enrolling students, although overflow housing, depending on space availability, may be available for those who send in the contract and deposit after the deadline as specified by the Office of Admissions.

Each student is required to maintain a $200 housing deposit on file while residing in University residence halls. Housing deposits are transferred from one academic year to the next if the student returns to the University residence halls. These housing deposits are held against the possible occurrence of damage charges. Requests for refunds will result in student account balances being checked to determine if there is any outstanding balance due the University. Unpaid outstanding balances will result in an automatic deduction of the housing deposit.

All contracts are based on the full fall/spring academic term. Students who break their contract before the end of the fall/spring semester will automatically lose their housing deposit. To be eligible for a refund of the housing deposit, a student who remains enrolled in the University must demonstrate unusual and unpredictable circumstances that have arisen after the beginning of the contract period, which prevents him/her from honoring the terms of the contract.

Failure to arrive on campus before the last day of business registration voids the contract unless the Office of Residence Life and Housing approves the delay. Readmitted students who have not made arrangements to pay for any outstanding balances in their student accounts before registration will surrender their room assignments and be placed last on a waiting list for room availability.


Campus housing space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis as housing contracts and housing deposits are received. Campus housing is available to all new, incoming students who send in forms by the deadline as indicated. Temporary overflow housing may be available for those who send in their housing contract and housing deposit after the deadline. Cancellation fees may be applied. Residents who do not have roommates at the end of the room change period will be consolidated.


The resident is expected to attend classes for the entire residence period. If it is determined that the resident ceased to attend classes for the entire period, the resident will be fully responsible for room and board charges incurred after the last date of attendance. Federal financial aid funds (grants, scholarships, and loans) will not cover these charges.


The resident agrees to respect and not to interfere with the rights of others, and to act as a responsible citizen in his or her interaction with members of the campus community. Each resident has the right to organize his or her life and behavior as long as he or she does not violate laws or University policies. Any resident who is continually disruptive to the community or its individual members may lose the privilege of living on campus and, if the disruptive behavior warrants, may be dismissed from the University.


Refunds are governed by the time of withdrawal from the University and the date of check-out from the residence halls. A percentage of room charges are refundable during the first four weeks of classes, starting at 80% the first week, 60% during the second week, 40% the third week, and 20% the fourth week. No refunds will be given on the fifth week and thereafter. Also, refunds will not be given in the event of disciplinary suspension or dismissal.


The resident agrees to act as a responsible citizen in the use and care of his or her room, the rooms of others, and the common facilities of the University campus. The resident will assume any financial responsibility for his or her misuse or abuse of University property.

The University expects better than ordinary care in the use of all facilities in the hope that the costs of these facilities can be kept at a minimum.

  1. Repair/replacement costs for theft of or damage to facilities, furnishings, and equipment (accidental or otherwise) are billed to any resident or group of residents involved.
  2. When the person(s) responsible for the theft or damages cannot be identified, all occupants of the residence hall or living group will share the repair/replacement costs equally.
  3. The student may not paint rooms nor make any alterations without the permission of the Office of Residence Life and Housing.
  4. Room occupants will be charged for damage such as defaced walls, ceilings, or furniture, burns on carpets or furniture, broken furniture, lost/stolen room keys, or the deterioration of property due to misuse on the part of occupants and/or visitors.


Gallaudet University Office of Residence Life & Housing
c/o Housing Operations

  • Postal Address: 800 Florida Avenue NE Washington, DC 20002
  • Campus Address: Ely Center 132
  • E-Mail: residence.life@gallaudet.edu
  • Phone: 202.250.2894
  • FAX: 202.651.5757
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