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How to use the application form

New Graduate Students
If you are applying to Gallaudet as a graduate student for the first time, please complete all parts of the application. If you are applying to Gallaudet as a graduate student for a degree, a certificate program or as a special student, this application is for you.

Returning Graduate Students: Reactivating your File
If you filed an application for graduate admission at Gallaudet within the last two years but did not enroll, contact the Graduate Admissions Office and ask that your file be reactivated. You should also submit the application fee and any additional or updated information or records. If you are applying to a different program and want to use academic records or letters of recommendation previously submitted (within the last two years), submit a new application form and notify the Graduate Admission
s Office that you'd like to use the materials you submitted before. You must meet all current deadlines and requirements. If you applied for admission more than two years ago, you must submit a new application, pay the application fee, and provide all required materials. (Files are destroyed after three semesters.)

Graduate application form: online OR paper form

a) We encourage you to apply for graduate admission online. It's a quick and easy way to provide us with your basic information. Apply using the secure Online Graduate Application Form by first reading the Online Graduate Application Instructions.
b) OR apply using the printable PDF Graduate Application Form and mailing in the completed form.

Applying to more than one program?

  1. You need to fill out an application form for EACH program to which you are applying.
  2. You will pay $75 for the first application. For each additional application (submitted at the same time), add $40. Applications submitted more than two days apart require a $75 fee each.
  3. You need to submit separate goal statements, letters of recommendation, and transcripts are required for EACH program.

Include nameApplication checklist

Please review the Application Checklist prior to submitting your application to ensure you have completed all forms and gathered all required material.

Most departments will review applications only after they have received all required materials. If your file is not complete at the time that the department conducts its review, your application may not be considered. It is your responsibility to make sure that the necessary documents and test scores have been sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Some of your application materials can be submitted by sending them as an e-mail or an email attachment to (You must use the same email address you used when you set up your application account.) It is important that you follow the directions below if you choose to send materials through email.

Pay the Application Fee

A $75 application fee, payable to Gallaudet University in U.S. dollars, must be sent with the application. For each additional application (submitted at the same time), add $40. Applications submitted more than two days apart require a $75 fee each.


Applications (and all required admissions materials) are usually due by February 15 for fall semester admission or November 15 for spring semester admission.


  1. Only a few programs offer spring admission. While many programs do not strictly adhere to the February 15th deadline, others have earlier deadlines.
  2. Programs that start in the summer, have earlier deadlines. Check with the program coordinator for their application deadline.
  3. Review the Graduate School Catalog for program-specific information.

Sending application materials

Each "document" should be sent separately. The subject line of each email MUST be your full name and the kind of document -- for example, "Jane Lawson -- Goals statement" or "Lyman Walker -- ASL YouTube link" ... whatever is appropriate.

Letters of recommendation must be sent from the writer her/himself and must be sent from a verifiable email address:,, Emails from Yahoo, Comcast, gmail, and other service providers which allow anyone to create an account under any name are not acceptable. If your writer does not have an acceptable email account, his/her letter should be mailed directly to Graduate Admissions.

Transcripts for degree applications must be original documents and should either be mailed directly from your academic institution or provided through a credentials verification service (if your institution subscribes to such a service).

ALL application materials must be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office [Materials should NOT BE SENT to the program/department.]

1) by email using the email address


2) by direct mail to

Graduate Admissions Office
Gallaudet University, Kendall Hall 101
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002-3695

(800) 995-0513 (TTY/V)
(202) 651-5400 (TTY/V)
(202 651-5295 (FAX)
(202) 250-2326 (VP)

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