Annual Research Achievement Report Submission Information

HOW TO update information about your research, scholarship, and creative achievements
for the period from October 1 to September 30 (Fiscal Year)

Due By September 11. Gallaudet's Annual Report of Achievements (ARA) is a mandated report by the United States Department of Education about the University's operations and outcomes. To accurately present our collective achievements, it is essential that you report on your contributions during the past fiscal year. "Achievements" include (a) your research projects and derivative products, and (b) your scholarly and creative products not associated with a research project. Please do not report your works in progress or ongoing efforts. For example:

  • Do not report papers and books in draft form or that have been submitted but not yet published. These should be reported in the year of publication.
  • Do not report internal reports, program documents, or curriculum proposals or revisions.
  • Do not report grant proposals and received grants. These will be reported in either the Development Office or Office of Sponsored Programs sections of the report.

You are requested to:

1. Update previous research projects that continued into or completed in FY15 (October 1, 2014-September 30, 2015).

A. Please review the descriptions of research projects/studies appearing under your banner in the FY14 ARA. RSIA provides printouts of your project descriptions as they appeared in FY14 ARA.  You may also find this information under your name and department by going to RSIA's new database of Gallaudet research at

B. Fill out a google form titled "Updated Research Form" found at for every project that needs updated

C. Your project will need updating if:

i. Was the study ongoing in FY15?

ii. For active studies, are there changes to the End Date, Project Description, Investigators, etc.?

iii. During FY15, were there any publications or presentations related to the project that you want to report this year? List the citations in APA format (

iv. If you do not update the information, the old entry will be reprinted "as is" (or removed if the End Date has passed).

2. Create new project descriptions for research projects that began between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015. Enter information in the google form titled: "New Research Project form" available at If you do not create a new description, the project/study will not appear in the FY15 ARA.

3. Report any new publication, presentation, or other scholarly activity completed between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015 that is not associated with a project that you are submitting. Research Products can only be entered once. If more than one person worked on a project, make sure that only one person reports to us. Enter information in the google form titled: "Scholarly and Creative Activity form" available at If you reuse products that have already been reported or report products that have not yet been published, the product will not appear in the FY15 Gallaudet Annual Report of Achievement.

Support: Leah Magnus will answer any questions and respond to problems relating to the new google forms or any general submission questions. She will work with Senior Research Associate/International Academic Coordinator Senda Benaissa and Scientific Writer and Editor on entering your research into our database. Our Database Administrator is Brian Showalter. Executive Director Charles Reilly is coordinating the effort on ARA research data preparation.

Timeline: There are challenges in determining how to best portray Gallaudet research in the report, and, therefore, several levels of review of the information, including Graduate School and Professional Programs, Office of Academic Quality, and the President's Office. Please provide updates on your FY15 projects on or before September 11, 2015.

We strongly encourage everyone submitting forms to please do so as soon as possible. Forms may be sent by email to September 11 is the final deadline for returning all forms. Note: By October 15, updates and new reports can be viewed at While the new "Research & Scholarship at Gallaudet" database will contain all achievements received year by year, and will always be available to Gallaudet constituencies, the print version of the ARA may be more limited in scope.

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