Field Practicum Sites

Field Practicum Sites

Baltimore County Public Schools

(Baltimore MD)

Student Role: Facilitates individual and group work with students including those who are deaf and hard of hearing and are either mainstreamed or in self-contained classrooms. Participates in educational assessments, in IEP case management, school support groups, the ESOL program, mediation, disciplinary actions, crisis intervention and advocating for medical assistance which often facilitates the purchase of hearing aids.

Carl Sandberg Learning Center
(Montgomery County Public Schools)

Student works with individual children, parents and groups related to the special educational and emotional needs of children identified for this educationally-tailored environment. Student participates in team meetings designed to more appropriately meet the needs of the children. Some children are either hard of hearing or have other communication needs and use sign language to help clarify interaction and learning.

The Children's Center
(NW Washington DC)

Student Role: Interacts with specific individual children having multiple disabilities and with their families. Facilitates support groups, transition groups, and educational groups concerning self esteem, diversity, ADHD and other disabilities and relevant family issues. Students may also be involved in advocacy on the macro level, community education, and fundraising.

DC Public Schools/Woodrow Wilson High School/Marie Reed Elementary
(NE Washington DC)

Student Role: Supports the instruction provided by DCPS curriculum while providing social/emotional programs and services to support the general welfare of children. This may include: social histories, intervention services to individuals and groups, parent counseling and consultation, insuring that IEP goals are being met, crisis management, and staff meetings. There are a variety of school settings with hearing, hard of hearing, and deaf children within the DC system in which students have had their internships.

Fairfax County Public Schools
(Fairfax County, VA)

Student Role: In a deaf and hard of hearing program, works directly with deaf elementary through high-school-aged students, their parents, and school faculty to provide a range of services. Conducts social histories and participates in IEP meetings.

Gallaudet University Child Development Center
(Gallaudet Washington DC)

Student Role: Gains an understanding of young children through observation and interaction. Individual and small group work with children concerning social interaction, family relationships, and issues likely to have an emotional impact on young children. Sets up parent meetings and discussion groups covering topics such as stress management, ADHD, issues related to deafness, expected behaviors of children at specific ages, etc.

Hampton School for the Deaf, Blind and Disabled

(Hampton, Virginia. Semester Block Placement)

Student Role: Student works within this residential setting four days per week for one semester with a variety of children around social, emotional and learning needs. Student is involved in individual and group sessions as well as interdisciplinary staff training. Outreach is done with families who live throughout the state. This setting provides the opportunity to learn about a wide range of disabilities.

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

(Gallaudet Washington DC)

Student Role: Joins in the provision of social work services for students and families which include individual work with children, conducting groups, home visits, networking and referrals in the community, conducting intake screenings, and consultations.

Maryland School for the Deaf - Columbia Campus
(Columbia MD)

Student Role: Participant member of a strong interdisciplinary team which provides an array of services to deaf children and their families. Works individually and in groups with children (often having multiple areas of disability) around social, emotional and learning needs.

Maryland School for the Deaf - Frederick Campus
(Frederick MD)

Student Role: Provides counseling and guidance to high school students including: clinical and life-stage issues and transitioning services. Conducts phone interviews with parents. Provides educational and support groups. Helps students to gain self-advocacy skills.

Model Secondary School for the Deaf/Social Work Program
(Gallaudet, Washington, DC)

Student Role: Work with the staff social worker to assess student needs, work with individual students and in groups, and collaborate with staff and parents as needed to enhance student learning and emotional development and satisfaction during their high school years. There is coordination with outside agencies, occasional referrals to child welfare for abuse and neglect, and putting additional outside supports into place as needed.

Montgomery County Public Schools

(Montgomery County MD)

Student Role: Provides counseling and guidance to students of all ages and to their families through individual and group work. Focus is placed on transition from high school by referrals for vocational evaluation, help with planning skills to promote independence, self-advocacy, and linking students with resources. The student gains an understanding of relevant school policies and procedures.

Prince Georges County Public Schools
(Prince Georges County MD)

Student Role: Engages students in individual and group discussions around social, emotional and learning issues This setting provides a wide range of opportunities to work with deaf and hard of hearing high school students in an ongoing way around issues that are developmentally important to them. Self-advocacy training is a key focus for this age group.


The River School


Student Role:

This is an historical listing of internships used. Not all sites are available every year.

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