Short-Term Strategic Plan

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It is hard to believe it has been almost two years since we initiated our journey together through this presidency. It has been a journey of learning, discovery, and dialogue.

I have seen and learned from your experiences at Gallaudet and your visions for what is needed to make Gallaudet all that it can be. Your collective commitment and hopes for the future are inspiring.

In response, the Executive Team is committed to helping you thrive on your journey at Gallaudet. This is not a singular journey, but one that we will continue on together.

From our journey thus far, six priorities emerged. Those priorities evolved into the strategic plan that I am sharing with you now. This strategic plan will guide us toward our future.

This plan begins now and continues through 2020. It is focused on making Gallaudet stronger and making your day-to-day experiences better.

Our strategic plan addresses our current opportunities and needs to strengthen our community and our Gallaudet. This strategic plan is ambitious and worthy of our great university. It will help us continue our transformation.

We are eager to accomplish a lot and many strategies are underway. We will provide ongoing updates and engage you collectively in this work.

I invite you to explore the strategic plan and to envision how it can improve your experience and the entire community's experience.

The success of our strategic plan depends on each one of us. Please be thinking about how you can help make the plan to reality.

I invite you to join me on this journey toward Gallaudet's vibrant and transformational future!