Student Affairs and Academic Support

Welcome to the office of Student Affairs and Academic Support!

Recognizing that a majority of student hours are spent outside of the classroom, this division contributes to the personal development and academic growth of our students through an array of high quality and comprehensive learning opportunities in a supportive campus environment. Student Affairs and Academic Support consists of several units which work in a collaborative effort to better serve our students. All programs and services are student-centered and provide a bridge to the academic programs of the University. These units include:

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office provides academic and career advising for undeclared students and walk-in service for any other students. Academic and career advising includes individual and group advising for new students, interviews, academic planning meetings, course registration, interest and personality testing (i.e., Self-Directed Search and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), computerized career guidance programs, and assistance in selecting an academic major that best matches the student's values, interests, personality, and skills.

Athletics and Intramural Programs

Athletics and Intramural Programs provides an equal opportunity for both male and female student-athletes of good character and acceptable academic standing to compete in organized intercollegiate athletics while pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Athletics staff and coaches also help to provide an opportunity for each student-athlete to develop as a total person by enabling involvement in more areas of student life. More importantly, the athletic programs and activities provide the necessary tools that will aid Gallaudet student-athletes after graduation.

Career Center

The Career Center assists students in reaching their career goals by integrating liberal education with experience in the marketplace. Career Center staff educates and empowers students to practice lifelong career development skills, make effective career decisions, and achieve professional success.

Counseling and Psychological Services

The Counseling and Psychological Services' (CAPS) mission of service, training, and advocacy focuses on the mental health needs of Gallaudet students and the deaf community. Supporting the academic and social-emotional development of Gallaudet students, the CAPS provides high quality assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, and prevention programs for students. In addition, the CAPS provides consultation services for faculty and staff and contributes to student paraprofessional training programs. The CAPS also maintains a high quality training program that increases the number of qualified professionals serving the mental health needs of the deaf community. Through education and information dissemination, the CAPS advocates for improved mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Office of Students with Disabilities

The Office of Students with Disabilities (OSWD) provides individually tailored, comprehensive, support services and programs for students with disabilities. OSWD empowers eligible students to succeed in their pursuit of higher education by striving to assure equal access and opportunity to curricular and extra-curricular activities. Supporting the ideal of lifelong learning, OSWD encourages and provides experiences and opportunities to build confidence beyond the classroom. Student autonomy is encouraged through the provision of reasonable accommodations, academic support groups, self-advocacy, and compensatory training. OSWD employs a student-centered interactive model in which collaboration among professionals and OSWD students results in a nondiscriminatory academic environment. In addition, OSWD provides professional development services and programs for faculty and staff, and for community-based professionals.

Residence Life and Housing

Residence Life provides a safe and welcoming environment for all students to come together in the pursuit of academic excellence. Realizing the difficult transition to college living, the Residence Life office strives to provide monthly dorm program events that help to ease the many issues faced by students. Programs also provide opportunities for students to foster skills that contribute to living successfully in a pluralistic environment; cultivate the development of character, civility, and community; and develop an understanding of the interrelationships that support a productive and meaningful life.

Student Center Programs and Services (SCPS)

Student Center Programs and Services offers a wide variety of student-centered, service oriented co-curricular programs and activities designed to foster experiential learning to augment the academic experience. SCPS fosters student development and focuses on student learning, character and leadership development, and cultural and social programs and related activities. These programs and activities are founded on specific beliefs that include: students are our number one reason for being here; a balanced life includes some time for fun and games as well as cultural experiences; giving back to the community builds character; a healthy mind, body, and spirit are prerequisites for success; there are no bad students, only students that make bad choices; and we are more alike than we are different. Student Center Programs and Services is made up of several sub-units that work collaboratively to help make the student experience at Gallaudet a positive one:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Services
    Alcohol and Other Drugs Services provides support for students dealing with alcohol and/or other drug related infractions of the Student Code of Conduct, and ensures that students complete their assigned sanctions issued by Residence Life or the Office of Student Conduct.  Alcohol and Other Drugs Services handles online alcohol and/or drug educational sessions, alcohol and drug programs, and alcohol/drug classes in collaboration with several units on and off campus.  

  • Campus Activities
    Campus Activities serves as a resource center to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a wide range of information, programs, and services to meet the needs of the community. Campus Activities' core value is to offer opportunities to foster leadership, character, citizenship, social responsibility, and civility for the students and campus community.

  • Commuter Programs
    Commuter Programs directly address the needs of commuter students, and provides them a lounge for relaxation, storage space of books and meals, a study area, and a minicomputer lab. Programs offered during the year are designed to support and enhance the educational experience of all commuter students and include networking gatherings, off campus safety tips, conflict resolution, and landlord disputes.

  • Health and Wellness Programs
    The Health and Wellness Programs Office seeks to enhance the well-being of Gallaudet students by empowering them to make informed health and lifestyle choices in accordance with their own values and belief systems. By supporting students on behavior and lifestyle change via the dimensions of wellness - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental-the program helps students become more successful members of the academic community.

  • New Student Orientation
    (NSO) is a required program for all students enrolling the first time. This includes freshmen, transfer, visiting, international, and honors students. During NSO, you will participate in welcome week activities; meet academic advisors, faculty, and administrators; and become familiar with campus culture and services. All freshmen, transfer, and international students must take placement tests in English and mathematics during NSO. These tests are required as the scores on the tests help your academic advisor schedule appropriate classes for your first semester.

  • Office of Campus Ministries
    Realizing the importance of spiritual development as a part of the overall student development philosophy, Student Affairs supports a group of volunteer religious workers offering regular religious services; counseling on religious matters; special discussion groups; student service projects in the community; internship opportunities; and social activities. Currently, the following faiths or denominations are represented: Assemblies of God, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic, United Methodist, Jewish, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran, and Latter Day Saints.

  • Office of Student Conduct
    The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to uphold the standards of the University community as clarified in the Student Code of Conduct and other University policies through a student conduct process that promotes civility through fair and impartial discipline and educational intervention.

Student Success

Gallaudet University's Student Success programs provide opportunities for students to engage as contributing members of the campus community and to learn the academic and social skills necessary to succeed while at the university and in a diverse global society. 

Student Success oversees two programs: JumpStart (Summer) and Peer Mentorship (Fall & Spring).

Tutorial & Instructional Programs
Tutorial & Instructional Programs at Gallaudet University provides an open and safe learning environment for students who request tutorial assistance and also serves as a resource to the campus community. Through bilingual instruction and a variety of tutoring techniques by qualified tutors, students learn diverse skills and strategies necessary for academic success contributing to student retention.