Faculty Development Grant Travel Reservation and Documentation Guidelines

The following guidelines detail the procedure to be used by Faculty Development Grant applicants in making their travel arrangements and in submitting the appropriate documentation to the Finance Office regarding their travel.

Once the proposal for a Faculty Development Grant has been submitted, following the guidelines detailed at Office of Faculty Development - Gallaudet University, the applicant has two options regarding their travel reservations:

  1. If the applicant wishes to make an air or rail reservation prior to learning whether they have been awarded the grant, they should contact a Travel On agent and pay for the tickets using their personal credit card. They cannot use the Rearden online reservation system, as all tickets purchased through Rearden must be paid for by Gallaudet. If the applicant receives the grant, their department will receive the funds when travel is completed. The Faculty Development Grant Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form should have the pre-approval portion completed prior to travel and the balance of the form completed upon completion of travel. A COPY of the travel form must be sent to the Finance Office, with appropriate documentation attached (see travel form), prior to travel. The ORIGINAL of the form should be sent to the Finance Office, with all appropriate receipts and information (see travel form), for reimbursement to the traveler. All air and rail tickets must be purchased through Travel On for the traveler to be reimbursed. <strongOR
  2. The applicant may wish to wait until they have been awarded the grant, then they may make their air and/or rail reservations via Rearden (if domestic) or by contacting an agent at Travel On. The traveler's department budget number should be used for the purchase. The same travel form documentation procedure as detailed in #1 should be followed. All air and rail tickets must be purchased through Travel On for the traveler to be reimbursed. <strongOR

In either case, the traveler should ascertain from their department whether the department will cover any expenditures above the amount of the grant and indicate that information on the Travel Advance/Reimbursement Form where indicated.