Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How soon should I begin taking the ACT?
It is strongly recommended that high school students begin taking the ACT as early as the freshman year. They may want to retake the ACT to improve their test scores for admission and scholarship purposes.

What should I bring with me to the testing site?
You must bring a photo ID with your birth date on it. You will not be allowed to take the test without a photo ID. Do not bring food or drinks to the testing room and avoid bringing personal items such as purses, bookbags, or backpacks. Wear appropriate clothing. You are allowed to bring a calculator that is approved by the ACT headquarters (HQ).

What time should I report for testing?
You should report at least 30 minutes early prior to the testing scheduled time. If you arrive late after the test begins, you will not be allowed to take the test.

What will happen to my cell phone during the test?
Any cell phone, pager, or ringing device will be held by the test supervisor at the check-in location for the duration of the exam.

What if I want to cancel my ACT or get a refund for any particular reason?
Unfortunately, your registration fee is nonrefundable.

What if I had a conflict on the testing day I was scheduled to take the test, is there any way I can still take the test at another time?
It is a possibility by communicating with the ACT Coordinator, Mr. Ali Sanjabi, to arrange a new testing date as long as space is still available.  You will need to pay the ACT fee again.

How many questions are on the ACT?
The ACT is comprised of 75 English questions, 60 math questions, and 40 reading questions.  The Science subsection of the ACT is not used.  Please note that ACT registrants will be required to sit for the entire ACT.  In other words, skipping any of the subsections offered here at Gallaudet University will not be permitted. 

How long does the ACT test last?
It will take about five hours for the ACT session.  These ACT subsections below already have about 40% more time than the regular ACT in order to accommodate the needs of deaf and hard of hearing participants.  In addition, the ACT Writing Test here at Gallaudet University has 400% more time than the regular ACT Writing Test at a national ACT site.

       95 minutes for the English subsection
       10 minute break
       90 minutes for the Math subsection
       10 minute break
       60 minutes for the Reading subsection
     265 minutes total (about 5 hours)

Can I ask for extended time testing due to my learning/physical disability?
Yes, please inform the ACT Coordinator, Mr. Ali Sanjabi, about your special accommodation request for a longer testing period of time.

Could I retake the ACT at Gallaudet University?
Yes as long as it had been more than 60 days after you last took the test at Gallaudet University. If you retook the ACT at Gallaudet University or at another residual site in less than 60 days, the test will be voided. Please check your last test taking date before registering and retaking the test. It is your sole responsibility to double-check your previous test date before registering.

Could I retake the ACT test in less than 60 days elsewhere?
You can take the ACT at a national test site on a national test date less than 60 days after taking the ACT on campus at Gallaudet University.  However, you must wait for a minimum of 60 days to elapse before taking the ACT at any residual test site elsewhere.

How many times can I retake the ACT?
You can take it up to 12 times.

How do I find out what my ACT scores are?
The Admissions Office receives via email your composite score, English subscore, Math subscore, and Reading subscore within three days after the ACT session.   If you are a Gallaudet student, you will need to contact the Admissions Office about your ACT scores.  Otherwise, your email address from the online ACT registration form would be CC'ed in the score report that is sent to the Admissions Office. 

Could I use the ACT scores from an ACT session I attended previously for the Gallaudet University admissions office?
Please contact the Admissions Office at regarding this question. 

Could I use the ACT scores from the Gallaudet University test site for another college or university?
Unfortunately no, the ACT given here at Gallaudet University and its test results are only for the consideration of the Office of Admissions at Gallaudet University. It is invalid elsewhere. This restriction is according to the ACT HQ rules for residual test sites, such as Gallaudet University.

What are the passing scores for the ACT?
The Admissions Office does not use the composite score.  Passing scores are 14 and above for the English, Math, and Reading subsections.

What is the contact information for the ACT Coordinator?
Mr. Ali Sanjabi, the ACT Coordinator, can be reached at

Updated April 5th, 2016

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