The Process and Type of Writing

Writing under English Center is a support and resource for all writers at Gallaudet University and beyond. It is available to assist you in writing all stages of the writing process as well as many types of writing such as editorial style manual, concise writing guides and developing research papers. Our goal is to compile some information to help you make this process as painless as possible.

Essay and Writing Sequence

» Introduction & Conclusion
This guide will help you build
effective methods for writing
introduction and conclusion.
» Developing a Thesis Statement
To help a reader identify the main
idea of an essay, summary, or
research paper.
» Quoting & Paraphrasing
The guideline of words that
introduce quotes or paraphrases
are basically three keys verbs.
» Guide of Paraphrasing
To provide the writer assistance in
changing an author's words into your
own words.
» Transition Words
Transition words are to connect
between two sentences or two
» How to Avoid Plagiarism
To educate the writers on how to
use avoid plagiarism of their
» Pre-writing, Writing & Revising
Preparation that you can do before
you actually write your paper, essay
or summary.
» Essay Check List
To ensure your essay is followed
by an essay check list to help make
it prefect and solid.


Types of Writing

Listed below you will find information on resources that will help you with writing you may encounter while in college as well as a professional career. There are different strategies and tools available for assisting you with your assignment as well as crafting different forms of writing.

» Citations & References
There are several different formats
for citing sources in a research
» Guide to Abstracts
10 sample steps to help write
an effective abstract.
» Different Kinds of Essays
They gives examples on how to
write in specific essay format
includes Definition, Process, etc...
» Lab Reports (NC State University)
The guideline of this lab report is
to provide resources to help you
write lab reports and learn science.    
» Letters
Several sample letters and formats
that will help you learn how to
structure your letters.
» Research Paper: The Process
Three key stages for doing
a research paper, include
pre-writing, writing, and revising.
» Business English
The sample of this Business form
(i.e. memo) give you an idea of how
to write a paper in proper ways.
» Literature (Purdue University)
Four keys in literature for writing
papers. They are general, fiction,
poetry, and drama.


Updated June 1, 2016
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