Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to live on campus - is a room automatically reserved for me?
You must pay the $50.00 admission fee and the $200.00 housing deposit before a room will be held for you. Please pay these charges as soon as possible. This fee and deposit must be received before you arrive on campus.

Q. What kind of appliances can I bring?
Appliances with open heating elements (i.e., toaster, toaster oven, George Foreman grill, heating coils, space heaters) are not allowed in the residence halls. All approved appliances must be safety labeled by either Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM). If you are not sure whether the appliance you want to bring is permitted, please call or e-mail the Residence Life Office to inquire before bringing it on campus.

Q. Can I bring a computer?
Yes! Gallaudet University has worked diligently to meet the current demands for computer technology in the modern educational environment. All residence halls are equipped with a wireless network in addition to each room being equipped with an Ethernet hookup to allow for networking. You must have either a wireless network card or an Ethernet card with your computer. You are encouraged to buy insurance for your computer, or have it covered by your parent's homeowner's policy, and to register it with the Department of Public Safety when you arrive.

Q. Can I have an overnight guest in my room?
Students who live off campus or guests who are not members of the University community are permitted to stay overnight only upon invitation. Overnight guests must be 18 years or older and cannot be a student who is attending the Clerc Center (regardless of age). It is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the guest is properly registered at the residence hall office and the guest's presence or behavior does not infringe upon the rights of a roommate or other residents. No guests will be allowed before the first Friday after classes begin and after Study Day.

Q. Can I bring my pet?
No, health and safety regulations do not permit pets in the residence halls; however, students who wish to bring their service animals (hearing ear or seeing eye dogs) must get prior approval from Gallaudet's service animal evaluator before bringing the service animal into the residence halls. The University has a policy in place about what defines a service animal and the responsibilities associated with it. Please contact for registration information and if you have questions.

Housing Contracts, Eligibility and Housing Deposits

1. Who is eligible to live on campus?
To live on campus, an undergraduate student must have at least 12 credits and a graduate student must have at least 9 credits throughout the semester.

2. If I decide not to live on campus, can I get my housing deposit back?
The $200 room deposit is refundable upon fulfillment of your housing contract. Otherwise, you must show that unusual and unpredictable circumstances have arisen after the beginning of the contract period, which prevents you from honoring the terms of the housing contract.

3. Can my contract be terminated by Residence Life?
Yes. If you violate your housing contract, are found responsible for a serious policy infraction, or are academically dismissed, your contract to live in a residence hall can be terminated.

4. Can I stay on campus during vacations or breaks?
Yes, you may remain on campus during the Thanksgiving and spring breaks. However, the meal plans do not cover the spring break. All residence halls are closed during the winter break. You must depart your residence hall, but you may secure your belongings in your room during that time. Refer to the academic calendar for winter break dates.

5. Can I stay on campus during the summer?
You may stay on campus during the summer but only if you are attending the summer sessions or are working/interning in the Washington metropolitan area. You should expect to move to a designated summer residence hall. If you need summer housing, please stop by the Office of Residence Life and Housing to fill out a summer housing request form.

Roommate Questions

1. What if I don't like my roommate?
Remember that all friends were once strangers. Attempt to work out the problem by talking with your roommate. If you are unable to work out a solution, contact your resident advisor, graduate assistant (GA), and/or coordinator of residence education (CRE) for alternatives. Room change periods will be announced by the GAs/CREs. It is during these periods and with GA's/CRE's approval, that you may find and move in with a new roommate. For freshmen, roommate changes typically occur at the end of the New Student Orientation, before the end of the fall semester, or at the beginning of the spring semester. For upperclassmen, transfer students and graduates, roommate changes are done during the first two weeks of each semester. Any other times, room changes are allowed with GA's/CRE's approval and only if space is available and will cost $50.

2. Do I have a choice of roommate(s)?
For new students, rooms and roommate(s) are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The Office of Residence Life and Housing matches roommates by gender and age similarities. If you have a preferred roommate, you and your roommate of choice must both fill out your Housing Contract with each other's names included. The Office of Residence Life will attempt to pair you with your preferred roommate; however, this is not guaranteed.

After your first year on campus, you will participate in the regular room selection process based on a point system (GPA and credits accumulated).

3. How can I choose a single room?
Single rooms are a limited resource and are subject to availability. Single rooms are primarily for students with medical conditions that require them to live alone. Any remaining single rooms will be assigned to older students, usually 35+ years of age.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to live alone, please email  the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) located in the Jordan Student Academic Center at to initiate the application process. As part of the application process, you will be asked to send a letter of request with documentation from your physician stating the physical or medical condition that warrants you having a single room. OSWD will then determine whether your request is justified and to approve your application for a single room. A single room will be given only if there are any available.

If you are an older student, contact the Residence Life Office to request an application form for a single room.

4. My spouse and I plan to enroll at Gallaudet. Can we live together?
Yes. Residence Life offers married student housing within the residence halls contingent upon availability. Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing to inquire about availability and the application process.

5. We have a child. Is there a place where we can live together?
Yes. Residence Life offers 18 apartments at the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School. Because of the high demand for these apartments, it is important that you contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing as soon as possible to inquire about availability and cost and to secure your place on the waiting list.

6. Can I bring my own bed?
Yes, if you have a preexisting condition that warrants your needing your own bed, please email  the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) located in the Jordan Student Academic Center at to initiate the application process. As part of the application process, you will be asked to send a letter of request with documentation from your physician that warrants you having your own bed. OSWD will then determine whether your request is justified and whether to approve your application for bringing your bed.

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