B.A. in International Studies

B.A. in International Studies - Requirements

Requirements for a Major in International Studies:

Summary of requirements



General studies


Major required and related courses


Free electives





Major required courses (30 credits)

Core courses (23 credits)

ECO 201 Intro to Economics (3)
FRE 111-112 Basic French I (4) and II (4), or GER 111-112 Basic German I (4) and II (4), or SPA 111-112 Basic Spanish I (4) and II (4)*
GOV 391 International Relations (3)
GOV 410 Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science (3) or SOC 334 Methods of Social Research (3)
HIS 102 World Civilization II (3)
SOC 268 Cultural Anthropology (3)

*See section on Language Proficiency

Junior Year International Experience (4 credits)

Choose four credits from one of the following:

*IST 300 International Internship (4)
*FLC 200 French Studies (1-5)
*FLC 210 Spanish Studies (1-5)
*FLC 215 German Studies (1-5)

*FLC 200, 210, 215 are study abroad programs in France, Spain, and Germany, respectively. The focus of these courses is learning the sign language of the host country and interacting with the local deaf community. Students gain one credit for completing an orientation course in the spring semester. After completing the study abroad course in the summer, they gain four additional credits. IST majors are expected to complete all five credits.

Senior seminar (3 credits)

IST 400: Senior Seminar in International Studies (3)

Major electives (12 credits)

To be completed within the student's concentration area and taken from the list of courses below. Courses must be taken from at least three different disciplines:


ECO 361 International Economics (3)
BUS 461 Global Business (3)

World Languages and Cultures

FRE 211, GER 211, SPA 211 Communicating in French, German, Spanish (3)
FRE 212, GER 212, SPA 212 Readings in French, German, Spanish (3)
FRE 311, GER 311, SPA 311, Advanced French, German, Spanish I (3)
FRE 312, GER 312, SPA 312, Advanced French, German, Spanish II (3)
FRE 437, 438 French Civilization, Contemporary French Society (3)
GER 437, 438 German Civilization I & II (3)
SPA 437, 438 Contemporary Latin American Society, Spanish Civilization (3)
FLC 314 Topics in Language Diversity (3)
FLC 380 The Latino Presence in the United States (3)
FLC 361, FLC 362 Masterpieces of French Literature in English Translation I & II (3)
FLC 371, FLC 372 Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation I & II (3)
FLC 381, FLC 382 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in English Translation I & II (3)
FLC 383, FLC 384 Spanish American Literature in English Translation I & II (3)


GOV 328 Comparative European Governments (3)
GOV 329 Comparative Government of Asia, Africa and Latin America (3)
GOV 330 Intro to the European Union (3)
GOV 387 Nationalism and Developing Nations (3)
GOV 396 International Law and Organization (3)
GOV 397 Democracy and Democratization (3)


HIS 300 Nazi Germany and World War II through Film (3)
HIS 344 History of the Modern Middle East (3)
HIS 345 Nineteenth-Century Europe (3)
HIS 346 Twentieth Century Europe (3)
HIS 351 History of Africa (3)
HIS 430 History of Latin America (3)


SOC 313 Work and Globalization (3)

ASL and Deaf Studies

DST 311 Dynamics of Oppression (3)
DST 316 Disability Studies (3)

Language Proficiency:

Language proficiency equivalent to one year of college study can be demonstrated by either taking a proficiency exam, taking the eight-credit course sequence in an appropriate language, or another course of action agreed upon by the advisor and the student (such as taking a language at another institution). The major advisor must approve the relevancy of the choice of language to the student's concentration.


Optional Concentration

Upon declaration of the major, students may select an area of concentration: 1) Latin America, 2) Europe, 3) Africa, Asia and/or the Middle East. The major advisor will ensure that the student takes sufficient and relevant courses in the chosen area.

Double major/minor

Students will also be encouraged to minor or double major in one of the disciplines included in the program to ensure breadth and depth.

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