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World Languages and Culture | B.A. in International Studies


Web: International Studies (IST)

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Roberto Sanchez, Program Coordinator

Hall Memorial Building, Room S235A

A Bachelor of Arts in the International Studies program enables students to explore interconnecitons among history, economics, politics, culture, society and language with a global perspective. Through the completion of a flexibility-structured degree program, this major prepares students for careers in law, government, Foreign Service, the Peace Corps, non-governmental organizations and for pursuing graduate work in the humanities, social sciences, international business, teaching and human services.

Courses & Requirements

Major required courses (30 Credits)
Major electives (12 Credits)

To be completed within the student's concentration area and taken from the list of courses below. Courses must be taken from at least three different disciplines:


Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate