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Course Overview

The Senior Seminar is designed to permit students to integrate elements of previous course-work into a step-by-step development and completion of a senior research project. HIS 492 is the first half of a year-long course. It will involve review of fundamentals of historical research, and writing a research proposal. The actual research, analysis and report writing will be done during the second half of the course. The seminar is designed to facilitate the successful completion of the senior research project which is due during the spring semester. In addition, the seminar will be devoted to a topic determined by the department for each term. Students will cover various aspects of different interpretations of the topic. Review and application of historical methods by discussion, exercises, extensive reading, and writing. One seminar is given each term; no more than two seminars are to be counted for major credit.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate
Prerequisite: HIS 287 or permission of the instructor

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Admissions Requirements

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