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Course Overview

SIMSOC is an experiential learning simulation activity developed in the 1960’s by William Gamson that explores system / organizational dynamics, processes of large scale conflict, protest, social control, and social change. The simulation is played over two full consecutive days, and then is followed by an extensive debriefing, and an additional follow up and application session. During the simulation, participants are assigned membership into one of four ”regions” of the SIMSOC ”society”. Each individual is given specific roles, responsibilities, and resources. During the SIMSOC experience, participants deepen their own understanding of themselves and others as they address complex intra- and inter- group communication, team-building, trust building, negotiation skills and other aspects of fact to face multicultural interactions. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the challenge of creating a Utopian society. They experience the dynamics between individualism and collectivism as they seek to satisfy specific individual ”goals” while simultaneously working to ensure the survival and developing culture of the society as a whole. This course is required for all Department of Counseling students (both Mental and School Counseling majors). The course is an elective course for non-counseling graduate students with Instructors permission.

Credits: 1
Distribution: Graduate, Masters, Online
This course is for graduate level students and/or instructor permission

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate