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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide students with organizational and administrative theoretical frameworks of comprehensive school counseling programs (CSCP), and a basic understanding of the processes involved with the design, implementation, management, and evaluation of a comprehensive school guidance and counseling program from a multicultural organizational development (MCOD) context. In addition, the course will address knowledge and basic skills in multicultural organizational development, school-based consultation, advocacy, leadership, and coordination. The American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) national model for comprehensive school counseling programs will serve as the foundational framework students will utilize to explore, understand, and apply within a multicultural organizational developmental context. (Sue & Sue, 2004; Jackson & Holvino, 1994; Jackson & Hardiman, 1984; Pope, 1992; Colbert & Colbert, 2003). Course concepts and processes will be learned and reinforced primarily through the experiential class project throughout the semester. The project will focus on a comprehensive and multicultural organizational development analysis of an actual educational community.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Graduate, Masters
COU 712, COU 720, COU 721, COU 730, COU 751 and COU 740 (740 may be taken simultaneously and may be waived by instructor depending on student's experience level).

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate