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Course Overview

This course is the intermediate level of fieldwork experience in the school counseling program and typically takes place in the 4th semester of the student’s program. It is also often a continuation in the same educational setting that the student begins for Practicum. The focus of this second fieldwork experience is for the student to expand upon his/her personal and professional counseling competencies in working effectively with diverse deaf/hard of hearing students (K-12), site supervisor, and other significant school personnel; engaging in both prevention and intervention counseling strategies and techniques with individuals and possibly group counseling opportunities; and begin to engage in effective practices as a professional school counselor with regard to client/family advocacy, leadership, consultation, collaboration and teaming, and affecting change on a systemic level. The student is expected to deepen his/her knowledge and understanding of his/her educational setting and its organizational structure, management and administration; and specifically the administration and operation of its counseling services. Furthermore, there will be emphasis placed on linking counseling theory and practice with the added incorporation of case conceptualization into this semester of students’ case presentations. Students will also be exposed to consultation and collaboration models and will be encouraged to explore and develop their own style of consultation and collaboration. Students may engage in school counseling duties including but not limited to: classroom observation, individual counseling, teacher/parent consultation, case conferences, staff meetings, individual student planning, counseling documentation (e.g. progress notes); IEP/ITP planning and implementation; intake interviews, behavioral assessments, group counseling and guidance activities; leadership, advocacy, and collaboration activities, etc. See ”School Counseling Fieldwork Manual” for additional information regarding requirements for: instructors, students, faculty supervisors, site supervisors, clinical instruction environment.

Credits: 4
Distribution: Graduate
COU 740 Practicum in School Counseling; Advancement to Candidacy; Passed 2nd and 3rd (summer) semester program transition points; permission of Program Director

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate