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Course Overview

In this third of a three-part sequence of intensive guided study courses (in class and field experience), Guided Studies (III): Theory (PEN 803), students advance their knowledge knowledge, critical analysis, and independent scholarship in one select domain of Educational Neuroscience of the student’s choice. Through a combination of course work and field experience as independent library scholarship, students will advance to writing a paper in research grant proposal format in which they identify a research question of important contemporary scientific and educational significance in Educational Neuroscience, along with an in depth and detailed literature review. The student will also provide a presentation of this work at the end of the course. In addition, the grant proposal and presentation constitute the student’s Comprehensive Examination, and is also separately presented at the end of the semester to the student’s Comprehensive Examination Committee.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Doctorate, Graduate
Prerequisite: PEN 802

Other Courses

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate