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Course Overview

This is a course designed for bilingual (English and ASL) students enrolled in graduate-level programs. Students in this course will have access to the latest academic English resources, digital applications, practice materials, class sessions with peers, and tutorials with the Instructor. The assignments in this course are designed to strengthen graduate level reading and writing skills on typical projects, e.g., research papers, reports, plans, and proposals. In addition, students will work with the Instructor on a final writing project of their choosing, academic or professional, and which demonstrates their ability to apply writing skills and resources from the course.

Credits: 3

Other Courses

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for seniors and graduate students. May be repeated for credit if topics differ.
Credits: 1-5
Surveys genres and modalities of professional writing, including social media and writing for the web. Provides an overview of areas ...
Credits: 3
This English language course meets for a total of six hours each week. Students work to achieve the English skills ...
Credits: 6

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate