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Graduate-Level Inclusion and Diversity Education GLIDE Program Requirement

The Graduate-Level Inclusion and Diversity Education (GLIDE) Program capitalizes on the rich diversity in culture, language, worldview, race/ethnicity, values, and beliefs that make up the Gallaudet Community. This program is intended to ensure that graduate students are exposed to and engaged with learning experiences related to equity, diversity, and inclusion that align with Gallaudet University’s unique Deaf cultural and bilingual educational mission within a multicultural setting. The GLIDE program empowers our graduates to fully embrace and appreciate human diversity, acknowledge and effectively work with the complexities of intersectionality, and moreover become culturally competent and responsive leaders.

Cultivating this level of understanding requires specific and intentional exposure and learning that upholds Gallaudet University’s Principles of Community, cultivates introspection, shares responsibility and engages community, builds critical multicultural competency, and affirms diversity in deaf identities and cultures.

By Fall 2023, all graduate students will be required to participate in a GLIDE program as part of their graduation requirements. Successful completion of the GLIDE requirement will be documented in graduate students’ academic records and officially noted on student transcripts.

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