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Course Overview

Assessment of hearing in infants, toddlers, and difficult-to-assess individuals. Course topics include: development of auditory skills; review of normal motor, cognitive, language, and psycho-social development; abnormal development and genetics of childhood hearing loss; case history/interviewing; behavioral pure tone and speech audiometry including BOA, VRA, and CPA; diagnostic ectrophysiologic procedures, ABR and ASSR; identification audiometry including newborn hearing screening with ABR and OAE; and audiologic and parent counseling in pediatric clinical services. Ethnic and multicultural differences are immersed throughout the course.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Doctorate, Graduate
Prerequisite: Open to HSLS majors only or permission of the instructor or department chair.

Other Courses

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Grading System: letter grades only.
A study of the speech mechanism, speech production, and the acoustics of speech.

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate