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Course Overview

Professional service and direct action are core features of international development work, and therefore a critical aspect of graduate-level preparation. The IDMA¿s supervised practicum is designed to offer practical field experience observing and working in an international development assistance organization, federal agency, for- or non-profit organization, or other development-related venue. The supervised field practicum provides students with a critical first opportunity to integrate didactic interdisciplinary study of international development with professional interaction and engagement in an international development organization, federal agency, non-profit organization, or other international development entity (think tank, policy institute). An on-site supervisor and a university-based supervisor (practicum instructor) provide supervision and guidance to promote students¿ professional development, and application of theoretical knowledge to real-world international development situations, issues, and opportunities.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Graduate, Masters
Prerequisites: Current enrollment in the International Development Masters of Arts Program; or permission of instructor

Other Courses

Grading System: letter grades only.
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Admissions Requirements

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