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ITF-712 Internship & Seminar

Graduate, Masters


Course Overview

This course supports candidates to participate full time in an internship to work with deaf and hard of hearing infants and toddlers, and their families in early care and education settings e.g.  early intervention programs, parent infants programs, and daycares. This course provides opportunities to synthesize learning across coursework and field experiences and apply content and pedagogical knowledge with culturally, linguistically, ability, and socioeconomically diverse  deaf and hard of hearing young infants, toddlers and their families under the supervision of a university supervisor (US) and a mentor professional (MP). 


Credits: 6
Distribution: Graduate, Masters
Admission to Interdisciplinary Studies: Infants, Toddlers and their Families Masters of Arts Program, Completion of ITF 708 ITF Practicum & Seminar; or permission of instructor

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate