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Kenneth De Haan, Program Director

Sorenson Language and Communication Center, Room 1217

The Department of American Sign Language offers a M.A. degree in Sign Language Education. This program is designed to prepare future sign language teachers, who will provide exemplary leadership in the sign language teaching field. Students will be introduced to key theoretical and methodological issues involved in sign language instruction including curriculum development, assessment, and incorporating Deaf culture into the language curriculum. In addition, students will undertake a teaching practicum and internship under the supervision of a cooperating teacher. An electronic portfolio is required at the completion of the program, which represents the culmination of the student’s academic performance.

Masters Program Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the MA program in Sign Language Education

  1. Will demonstrate theoretical knowledge and display competence in classroom settings regarding methodological and socio-political issues involved in sign language teaching, curriculum development, and assessment.
  2. Will produce graduate level Sign Language and English texts that demonstrate knowledge of and critical inquiry into key concepts in the Sign Language teaching field.
  3. Will recognize the importance of the Sign Language teacher as a system change agent and apply this in practice utilizing effective leadership, advocacy, consultation, and collaboration to influence change on the individual, group, and organizational and systemic levels.
  4. Will demonstrate preparedness to seek and obtain employment as a teaching professional in the field of sign language education.

Program Overview

The Masters in Sign Language Education (MASLED) is a 15-month Summer/Online program. In typical 2-year graduate programs, there are four consecutive semesters of study. The MASLED program’s four semesters of study begin with the first semester occurring during the Summer, the second semester during the Fall, third semester during the Spring, and the fourth and final semester during the following Summer.

*The Masters in Sign Language Education program is not a state approved licensure program nor part of the Educator Preparation Provider accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Gallaudet University has not yet determined whether the MASLED program meets professional licensure requirements in other states.  If you are seeking employment in K-12 school settings, you are advised to contact your state office of licensure and certification to see if our program meets their requirements.

Admissions Procedures and Requirements

Applicants for the M.A. in Sign Language Education must complete the application procedures and meet the requirements for graduate study at Gallaudet University. Visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information and a checklist of application requirements.

Please complete the following requirements as outlined on the Graduate Admissions website:

  • Online graduate application
  • Goal statements
  • Submission of all official postsecondary transcript(s)
  • Three names of references

Mail the official transcript(s) to:
Graduate Admissions
Kendall Hall 101
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington DC 20002

Application opens: August 1st

Deadline for Application Review/Screening: January 15th

*Students are admitted to the Sign Language Education masters program once a year, with the program starting online mid-May.

Program Specific Requirements:

  • Online Video interview. The direct link for the online video interview will be sent to you after you have officially applied to the program. The interview can be taken at any day or time and location with high-speed internet.
ASLPI Requirement 

Students who teach ASL will be required to receive a level of 4 from the ASLPI in order to graduate. Students who teach other signed languages will be required to receive a level of 3+
on the ASLPI in order to graduate.
Available In:

Courses & Requirements

Summer I (Hybrid - Online, then On Campus) (15 Credits)

ASL 709: Sign Language Media Production can be waived with extensive media, film and editing experience. Contact us for more details at


Fall I (Online) (7 Credits)
Spring I (Online) (7 Credits)
Summer II (Hybrid - Online, then On Campus) (12 Credits)
Program Electives

Note: Candidates with extensive ASL teaching experience and full-time employment in the ASL teaching field may apply for a practicum and/or internship waiver. Contact for more details.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate