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B.A. in History

Available In:

Courses & Requirements

Required pre-major courses 12 hours

To be taken in the freshman or sophomore year:

Required history courses 6 hours
Elective history courses 18 hours

Students must take at least one 300- or 400-level history course in each of the three following geographical areas: Europe, the United States, and a non-Europe non-U.S. area (Latin America, Africa, or Asia). The remaining nine hours (three courses) may be satisfied with any 200-level or higher history course. A history major will be allowed to substitute one government course for a history elective in the major. Such substitution must be done with the approval of academic advisors.

U.S. history courses

Choose one course:

European history courses

Choose one course:

African, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Latin American history courses

Choose one course:

Other elective history courses
HIS-495 Special Topics 1-5

Admissions Requirements

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