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B.A. in Mathematics


Students must complete or demonstrate the following before declaring a major in Mathematics:

  1. A letter of interest sent to the Mathematics Program Director.
  2. One of the following:
    1. A grade of A in MAT 130, Precalculus, or
    2. A grade of B or higher in MAT 150, Calculus I, or
    3. A grade of C or higher in MAT 205, Calculus II.
  3. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  4. A letter of recommendation from one of the student’s mathematics instructors. This letter is to focus on the student’s creativity and potential for thriving as a mathematics major.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics provides students with a foundation in mathematics and statistics, preparing them for a wide range of career and educational opportunities.

Available In:

Courses & Requirements

Required pre-major course 4 hours

To be taken during freshman year:

MAT 130: Three hours count toward the general studies requirement, replacing GSR 104

MAT-130 Precalculus 4
Required mathematics courses 39-42 hours

MAT 451: EDU 648 may be substituted for MAT 451.

MAT-150 Calculus I 4
MAT-205 Calculus II 4
MAT-206 Calculus III 4
MAT-451 Internship 3
Elective mathematics courses 6 hours

Choose from the following:

MAT-495 Special Topics 1-5

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate