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Requirements for a Minor in Dance

The minor in dance consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours. The first two years of the dance minor consist of two credits chosen from two dance or related activity courses. A student can meet this requirement with the same two activity courses required for graduation in the general requirements if the activity credits are in dance or a related activity course. The second two years of the dance minor consist of a minimum of nine credits from core courses (THE 315, 325, and 435), and four to six credits from an electives list.

Available In:

Courses & Requirements

Required dance core courses 9 hours
THE-325 Choreography 3
Elective dance, physical education/recreation, and theatre courses 4-6 hours

Choose two or three courses:

THE-431 Sacred Dance 3
THE-495 Special Topics 1-5
Required dance or related activity courses 2 hours

Choose two courses:

Note: PER 224 and THE 250 can be taken multiple times if the activities are different.


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Admissions Requirements

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