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Minor in Linguistics


Dr. Deanna Gagne, Undergraduate Linguistics Program Coordinator

Sorenson Language and Communication Center, Room 3217

Students and faculty in the Department of Linguistics share an abiding interest in the study of American Sign Language (ASL). The ongoing, innovative research carried out by the linguistics faculty and students is contributing substantially to what is known about the structure and use of sign languages. ASL is not only the subject of faculty and student research, but also the language of communication in the classroom.

The Minor in Linguistics offers undergraduate students in any major a basic foundation in linguistics and a structured exploration of a variety of topics in linguistics that are of direct relevance to their chosen fields of study. Contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to discuss how a Linguistics Minor can benefit you.

To continue and graduate with a Minor in Linguistics, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all Linguistics courses.

Available In:

Courses & Requirements

Required pre-minor courses 6 hours
Required core courses 9 hours

LIN 301 and LIN 480: offered annually in the fall semester only

LIN 302: offered annually in the spring semester only

One elective course 3 hours

Choose one course from LIN 500 level courses. Examples of 500 level courses are listed below:

LIN-543 Bilingualism 3
LIN-595 Special Topics 1-3

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate