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Peace Corps Prep program

Gallaudet Peace Corps Prep Program: This program is designed as a certificate to be awarded by Peace Corps for taking a curriculum related to Peace Corps service. The certificate will not be designated on Gallaudet University student transcripts. The certificate will be provided by the Peace Corps program. This program is NOT a major or a minor, but is designed with the cooperation of the Peace Corps to better prepare graduates for Peace Corps service. Students must select a traditional major offered at Gallaudet; they may also apply for a self-directed major as explained elsewhere in this catalogue.

There are 6 program tracks in the program:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Community Economic Development
  • Youth in Development
  • Environment

In addition to courses, students are expected to have appropriate language proficiency, multi-cultural training and internship/professional experience in their field of specialization.

This program is housed within the International Studies Program in the Department of World Languages and Cultures and is also supported by the Department of Government & Public Affairs.

For further information contact the Chair of the World Languages and Cultures department: Dr. Amanda Holzrichter or the International Studies program coordinator: Dr. Roberto Sánchez

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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate