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Student Learning Outcomes

A Gallaudet education provides students with opportunities to develop as wellness-grounded, proudly bilingual, career-ready critical thinkers, who are digitally aware, ethical, scientifically literate global citizens. Gallaudet’s curriculum provides learning experiences to promote the development of Gallaudet Scholars:


Core Student Learning Outcomes

Wellness: Recognize how my choices can transform my health, well-being, and ability to thrive; seek support and utilize resources for personal growth; and work collaboratively to promote wellness on campus and within myself.

Bilingualism: Use American Sign Language (ASL) and written English to communicate effectively with diverse audiences for a variety of purposes.

Career Readiness: Develop career decision-making skills and competencies by engaging in theoretical and experiential learning.

Critical Thinking: Think critically and innovatively, and express myself creatively, making connections within and across disciplines.

Digital Awareness: Employ data and technology in effective, competent, fair, accountable, transparent, and responsible (ethical) ways.

Ethics: Formulate reasoned decisions about ethical issues that lead to wise action.

Science Literacy: Evaluate evidence derived from systematic analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to address issues that pertain to the experiences of individuals in societies.

Global Citizenship: Articulate knowledge of intersectional identities within a global society and demonstrate intercultural knowledge, cultural competence, and skills in constructive civic discourse on the local, national, and global levels.

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