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Director, Public Library Services
Sarah Hamrick
Merill Learning Center (MLC)

Life at Gallaudet

There’s an excitement at Gallaudet that comes from so many people ready to share their diverse backgrounds and open their eyes to new possibilities. With more than 1,000 undergraduates and direct communication in at least two languages, you’ll feel welcome and ready to get involved immediately. Play varsity or intramural soccer. Join the Gallaudet Dance Company, ThinkBiz or Sisters of Color. Collaborate on a project with a professor or have lunch together. Hop on the Metro with some friends and explore the nation’s capital. Whether you are new to American Sign Language or English, or fluent in both, you will learn and do more than you may ever have imagined.


Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Edward Miner Gallaudet (EMG) Memorial Building

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(800) 995-0550 (voice)
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Academic Programs and Departments

Linguistics Department

The grammatical structure and use of ASL (American Sign Language) and other signed languages are investigated by faculty and students at Gallaudet University's Department of Linguistics. ASL is the language of instruction. Programs are offered at the graduate level for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students.


Paul Dudis Ph. D.

Jayne McKenzie

Sorenson Language and Communication Center (SLCC) 3200

(202) 651-5450 (voice)


MA in International Development

The International Development Master of Arts Degree Program (IDMA) prepares students to advocate, design, implement, monitor and evaluate social change activities in collaboration with Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing people, and people with disabilities, at local, national, and international levels.

Maguire Welcome Center

Every year, hundreds of prospective students, parents, professionals, school groups, American Sign Language classes and others visit Gallaudet University. Learn more about visiting Gallaudet University and schedule a tour.


Roberta Gage

EMG Memorial Building (EMG)
First Floor

(202) 250-2474 (videophone)
(202) 651-5050 (voice)