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Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety here at Gallaudet University is committed to the safety of its students, faculty and staff. Gallaudet University has public safety officers working around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, patrolling the campus. Our offices are located on the ground floor of Carlin Hall.

Continuing Education


Registrar's Office at Gallaudet University, the only liberal arts college in the world for deaf and hard of hearing students.


Elice Patterson 

Chapel Hall 101

(202) 250-2446 (videophone)
(202) 651-5393 (tty)
(202) 651-5393 (voice)
(202) 651-5182 (fax)


8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Academic Programs and Departments

Religion Department

The Department of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology brings together four disciplines which study human societies and ideas as part of the quest to understand the human condition, past and present, and grapple with the problems we face as a society and as humans.


Chair: Roberto Sanchez

Contact: Susan Ganz

Hall Memorial Building (HMB) S135

(202) 250-2432 (videophone)
(202) 448-6918 (voice)

Reprographic Services

Reprographic Services assists Gallaudet University's departments and individuals in identifying and meeting their needs for printing, photocopying and publishing services


Research Support and International Affairs

The functions of the Gallaudet Research Institute, Office of International Relations, and Office of International Programs and Services have coalesced to form a new unit entitled Research Support and International Affairs.


Charles Reilly, Ph.D.
Executive Director

(202) 250-2294 (videophone)
(202) 651-5150 (voice)
(800) 451-8834 (voice)
(202) 651-5746 (fax)