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Student Grievance Coordinator:
Travis Imel

(202) 250-2398 (videophone)


Student Success

Gallaudet University's Student Success programs provide opportunities for students to engage as contributing members of the campus community and to learn the academic and social skills necessary to succeed while at the university and in a diverse global society.


Office of Student Success
Director: Jerri Lyn Dorminy, Ph.D



Student Success and Academic Quality

Student Success and Academic Quality is dedicated to institutional effectiveness by providing leadership for continuous assessment and improvement of programs and services through facilitating the integration of evidence-based decision making in order to fulfill Gallaudet University's mission and vision.


Student Success and Academic Quality
Associate Provost: Thomas Horejes, Ph.D.
Contact: Linda Lancaster
College Hall 408

(202) 448-7036 (voice)
(202) 448-7146 (fax)


Sustainability at Gallaudet

Gallaudet is committed to reducing our impact on the environment to ensure that future Gallaudet students can enjoy the same opportunities afforded to today's students.


Central Utilities Building, CUB 305

Facebook:  GreenGallaudet

Twitter:  @greengallaudet

Instagram:  GreenGallaudet1864