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Welcome to the Petitto Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging

Dr. Laura Ann Petitto is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and a Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist widely known for her discoveries about the biological foundations of language.


Founder and Scientific Director:
Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

Sorenson Language and Communication Center 1101

(202) 448-7274 (voice)
(202) 618-6808 (videophone)

Working as a Deaf Interpreter

Working as a Deaf Interpreter

Clerc Center/KDES/MSSD

Youth Programs

Gallaudet University Youth Programs is proud to offer many programs for middle school and high school students such as Academic Bowl, Battle of the Books, and more!


Jesse Saunders
Director, Youth Programs

Casey Johnson-Pasqua
Specialist, Youth Programs

Alison O'Hara
Specialist, Youth Programs Operations