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Bison Shop

The Bison Shop (bookstore) is the official retailer of Gallaudet University apparel. The Bison Shop is owned and operated by Gallaudet University so when you buy from the Bison Shop you spend to help Gallaudet University.


Dr. Laura Ann Petitto is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and a Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist widely known for her discoveries about the biological foundations of language.


Founder and Scientific Director:
Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

Sorenson Language and Communication Center 1101

(202) 448-7274 (voice)
(202) 618-6808 (videophone)

Board of Trustees

The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees has authority to make University-wide policy including financial and academic policies. They are also responsible for assuring the proper management of the University and actively participating in the provision of necessary funds.


Board Liaison:
Glenn Lockhart
College Hall 208


Burnstein Center for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation

Gallaudet University's Burnstein Center for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation. Located in Washington, DC. BLI offers continuing education courses, enrichment programs, and online courses.


Dr. David Penna 

Hall Memorial Building (HMB) S235