Gallaudet University Virtual Campus Tour

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Gallaudet University

  1. Chapel Hall

    I'm Yudan Liu. I'm from China and my major is accounting. We are in front of Chapel Hall, the most recognizable landmark on campus. It houses the Gallaudet Museum, which showcases the history of the University and the deaf experience in America for more than 150 years. The Tower Clock is the iconic symbol of Gallaudet University. President Ulysses S. Grant was here for the dedication. President Abraham Lincoln signed Gallaudet's charter in 1864, and since then, all U.S. presidents have signed Gallaudet diplomas.
  2. Hall Memorial Building

    Greetings! I'm Chelsea Hilaire. I'm from Trinidad, and I'm double majoring in deaf studies and communication studies. The academic heart of the campus, the Hall Memorial Building is named after Percival Hall, our second president. Here, students and faculty mingle in a fully accessible environment of learning, inquiry and critical thinking while studying liberal education and sciences. In their classes, students meet other students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and from around the world and capitalize on study abroad opportunities. HMB is also home to two of the three pre-major programs: pre-law, pre-medicine. The pre-MBA program is located in another building. These programs help prepare our undergraduates to enter graduate programs in each field and succeed. With a solid liberal arts and sciences education here, Gallaudet alumni have gone on to become successful lawyers, doctors and businesspeople.
  3. Merrill Learning Center Deaf Collections and Archives

    Welcome to the Merrill Learning Center, Gallaudet's library. The University Library is named for Dr. Edward C. Merrill, Jr., Gallaudet's fourth president. The library offers two exceptional resources for students. First is the Deaf Collections and Archives which is the world's largest collection of deaf-related documents and artifacts. Students and faculty have produced and published groundbreaking research advancing knowledge about a wide range of historical and social topics related to the global deaf community. Second, students have access to the Washington Research Library Consortium, which allows them to check out books from the physical and digital collections of consortium libraries, including Georgetown, George Washington University and American University.
  4. Agatha T. Hanson Plaza

    I'm Alexa Paulay-Simmons. I'm from Maryland, and my major is communication studies. Agatha T. Hanson Plaza is the hub of student life on campus. It's surrounded by five residence halls and the dining hall. The lower level of Carlin Hall houses the Department of Public Safety, with officers and student assistants who know ASL and are available to assist students and keep the campus community safe and informed. DPS officers also are involved in community initiatives to improve safety on and off campus. The Gally Gardens you see here is a student-run community garden and was built by volunteers from the campus community.
  5. Plaza Dining Hall

    Hi, I'm Sharon Castillo. I'm from Texas. I'm a sophomore, and my major is physical education. Welcome to the dining hall. All dining options here on campus are operated by Bon Appetit, which is committed to offering healthy food options for our students. Freshly picked produce from the Gally Gardens is combined with other seasonal, local products purchased through a farm-to-fork program to create healthy and nutritious menu items cooked from scratch. Gallaudet offers students five meal plans to choose from that can be applied to this dining hall, or in the Student Academic Center where the Marketplace and the Rathskellar are located.
  6. Washington, D.C.

    Gallaudet University is in the heart of the nation's capital. Students have access to the city's many cultural events, restaurants, museums, art exhibits and theater productions through Gallaudet's shuttle bus service and DC's metro system. Eat next door at Union Market or head up to H Street to enjoy the local nightlife; or dedicate your weekends to exploring the entire city. Take advantage of the wealth of internship opportunities here, too. Activating one corner of the Gallaudet campus that lies adjunct to 6th Street is part of the university's long-term plan that calls for additional development on both sides of the street. Apartments, and retail will feature heavily, increasing the option for staff and students who want to live off campus and be more a part of their surrounding community. We look forward to the growing community around Gallaudet!
  7. Elstad Auditorium

    Hi, I'm Gregorio Mata from San Antonio, Texas and my major is government and biology. This is Elstad Auditorium, the site of many student productions and the home of professional artists-in-residence, Faction of Fools Theater Company. Here, students learn about theater, acting skills, set construction and theatrical makeup. Gallaudet has a long history of alumni appearing in Hollywood movies like There will be Blood and The Family Stone. TV shows like Sesame Street, Jericho, Weeds, and Switched at Birth also featured some of our alumni actors. Others have performed on stage at the Kennedy Center in D.C. and in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions like Big River, Spring Awakening, Tribes, and Children of a Lesser God.
  8. Gallaudet Mall

    Hi, I'm Chang Hwang. I grew up in South Korea. I'm a junior and my major is information technology. Welcome to the Gallaudet Mall, the site of many student events, including UnityFest, a cultural celebration. Professors often bring their classes out here on sunny days. Nearby is the Ely Center where offices for the student organizations are located. Students are involved with the Student Body Government, the Buff and Blue student newspaper, BisonTV, Greek organizations, clubs, or intramural sports.
  9. Living and Learning Residence Hall 6

    Hello, my name is Gideon Firl from the Bay Area of California. I'm a fourth-year student majoring in biology. The Living and Learning Residence Hall #6 is a five-story residence hall primarily for sophomores and built with DeafSpace concepts. It also is the first residence hall to have an exercise room for exclusive use by the residents. Each floor has a fully functioning kitchen, living area, and laundry. The first floor includes collaboration (co-lab) areas, multipurpose room, seminar room, and terrace, and is open to the entire campus community.
  10. Start of Tour

    Hello! Welcome to Gallaudet University! My name is Jakkisha Smith. I'm an undergraduate student here at Gallaudet majoring in social work, and I'm from Texas. We're glad you can join us here on this virtual tour of our beautiful 99-acre campus. Gallaudet is the world's only liberal education university primarily for deaf and hard of hearing students. Here, we offer a bilingual living and learning environment that is fully accessible, in American Sign Language and English. Currently, we have about 1,700 students from all over the U.S. and over 25 countries. The University, which offers over 40 undergraduate majors and 25 graduate programs, is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Those who become Gallaudet students have the opportunity to join a long tradition of successful alumni who have made an impact around the world. Let's get started on our virtual tour, but first some quick interactive tips: - To follow the path, click on the arrow. - To go to the next stop, click on the "Next" button. - To view the full list of stops for selection, hover on the left pane. - To view 360 panoramic shots, photos or videos, click the images at the bottom. We're right here on our first stop at the Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Building which was originally built as the college library. It now houses the undergraduate Admissions Office, and the newly renovated Maguire Welcome Center with exhibits you can browse through when you visit Gallaudet.
  11. Kendall Hall

    Hello, I'm Rachel Sulmonte. I'm from Massachusetts and am majoring in interpretation. Kendall Hall houses the Office of Graduate Admissions and the Center for Continuing and Online Education, which offers credit courses, personal and professional development, and leadership and outreach programs.
  12. James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center

    The Sorenson Language and Learning Center (SLCC) is the first building in the University's history to be designed by and for deaf people with DeafSpace architectural principles utilizing open space concepts and clear vision lines. SLCC is home to several departments, including the Departments of ASL and Deaf Studies, and Linguistics, both of which offer undergraduate and graduate programs; and Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences, which offers graduate courses and degrees. Students with hearing aids and cochlear implants can get a wide range of services from the Hearing and Speech Center, including evaluation, mapping, maintenance, rehabilitation, and therapy.
  13. Hall Memorial Building Atrium

    Up on the atrium wall is a portrait of Laurent Clerc, the first deaf teacher in America, who accompanied Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet back to the country from his visit to France. The portrait is made up entirely of thumbprints of the Gallaudet community members. Much of our American Sign Language is influenced by French Sign Language. Also, in the middle of the atrium, is a sculpture prototype of the life-sized sculpture of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet with Alice Cogswell located in front of Chapel Hall.
  14. Field House

    Hello, I'm Marika Lewis, and I'm from Maryland. My major is communication studies with a minor in digital media. The Field House is the University's primary athletics facility. In addition to the gymnasium which seats approximately 3,000 people, the Field House and Annex contain six racquetball courts, a swimming pool, dance studio for the world-renowned Gallaudet Dance Company, and a weight training room. The building also has classrooms and houses the Athletics Department, the Department of Physical Education and Recreation, and the intramural sports program. Gallaudet has 14 men's and women's varsity sports teams – baseball, basketball, cross country, football, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, track and field, and volleyball, and cheerleading as a club sport. Gallaudet graduates wrap up their academic careers here in the Field House each May with a commencement ceremony.
  15. Interpretation and Translation Department

    Hello, I'm Rachel Sulmonte from Massachusetts. I'm majoring in interpretation. The Department of Interpretation and Translation offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in interpretation, using an interdisciplinary approach to prepare interpreters for entry-level jobs in medical, educational, legal, and business fields.
  16. Hotchkiss Field

    The Hotchkiss Field is named after John Hotchkiss, a member of Gallaudet's second graduating class and a faculty for 53 years. The field is where the football huddle originated. Deaf teams would gather in small circles to visually block their team opponents from seeing their signed discussions about play strategies. The track was named after Thomas O. Berg, a longtime administrator and track coach.
  17. Edward Miner Gallaudet Building: Admissions

    Hello! My name is YoungHae Park and I'm the Director of Admissions. I'm Heidi Zornes-Foster, Graduate Admissions Counselor. I'm Roberta Gage, coordinator of the Maguire Welcome Center. When you're ready to take advantage of the many opportunities and experiences Gallaudet offers, our admissions counselors are ready to help you with the undergraduate application and admissions process. Contact us at and start your application online today. If you're interested in our masters, doctoral or certificate programs, e-mail me at with questions and to start your application process. During your visit to Gallaudet, you will see more of what Gallaudet has to offer. Participate in an Open House or come for an individualized program with a campus tour. Our tours are customized to meet every visitor's needs. Go to our website and register online at Come visit Gallaudet!
  18. Washburn Arts Center

    The building is named for Cadwallader Washburn, an 1890 graduate and world-renowned artist who specialized in dry-point etching. Washburn's work can be found in collections at Gallaudet, the Library of Congress, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and in museums in England, France, and the Netherlands. Renovated in 2002, the building has expanded studio space and a gallery for exhibitions.
  19. Science Labs

    Hello, I'm Darrius Doe, and I'm from Baltimore, Maryland. My major is sociology. A molecular genetics laboratory in this building sponsors undergraduate research experiences in molecular genetics, bioinformatics and ecology as well as summer internships. The laboratory also is an integral part of the pre-medicine program. Our Gallaudet graduates have gone to medical school to pursue a doctorate degree, most recently at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and South University Pharmacy School.
  20. I. King Jordan Student Academic Center

    Welcome to the I. King Jordan Student Academic Center, named for Gallaudet's first deaf president. This is a popular place for students to hang out. It includes classrooms, video phone booths, a bookstore, Starbucks kiosk, two dining areas, a game room, a sophisticated computer and interactive visual learning lab named in honor of Senator Tom Harkin, and several academic support offices, including Academic Advising, Student Success, and the Career Center.
  21. BL2 Laboratory

    The Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) Science of Learning Center (VL2) and the Brain and Language Lab give undergraduate students access to ongoing research, including the Ph.D. program in educational neuroscience. Utilizing some of the world's most advanced brain imaging equipment in the lab, Gallaudet students have unparalleled opportunities to work alongside world-renowned researchers and scientists here studying bilingual language exposure and the developing brain. Students help advance understanding of how deaf children acquire and master language, while helping to improve deaf education across the nation and around the world. VL2 continues to contribute to the world's understanding of the young brain and how it develops language.
  22. Fowler Hall

    I'm Habtamu Buli from Ethiopia. I'm a graduate student studying international development. Some of the graduate classes are held here at Fowler Hall, which is named for Sophia Fowler Gallaudet, the deaf wife of Rev. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and the mother of Edward Miner Gallaudet. This historic building houses our Graduate School and Administration offices. Two graduate departments are in this building: The Department of Counseling and the Department of Education. The International Development Program is also housed here.
  23. Java Corner

    Hi, I'm Giuletta Maucere. I'm from California and am majoring in communication studies. This is the Java Corner where students can grab a coffee or tea and chat with friends before classes. The nearby Academic Advising office assists students with their academic plan and course registration. Academic tutoring and instructional support services are available to students upon request. Through the Career Center, students receive support and preparation for resumes, job interview and application for internships or jobs. The Federal Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) helps students obtain internship experiences that lead to full-time jobs after graduation. More than 80 percent of our students intern at federal agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations all over the world. The Honors Program pushes talented students through rigorous coursework, ending with a professional-level Honors Capstone that showcases their skills and prepares them for graduate school and the professional world. Emerging ASL signers can take advantage of JumpStart's four-week sign language immersion experience through the Student Success Programs. The office is also responsible for the Peer Mentorship Program and New Student Orientation.
  24. Accessible Classroom

    I'm Bobby Green and I'm from Kentucky. My major is business administration. Gallaudet works to ensure education here is accessible to all students. Students learn in accessible classrooms that include deaf-friendly classroom configurations, capability for real-time captioning, and ASL interpreters. Most of our classrooms also have advanced technology, such as smartboards, computers and video screens, Echo360, and real-time captioning. The Office for Students With Disabilities helps tailor accommodations for students who have other disabilities by arranging services that include deafblind interpreters, note takers, real-time captioning, mobility services, and others. This technologically rich environment models Gallaudet's philosophy of education by providing direct, interactive, and visual communication both in and out of the classroom.

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