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Global and National Research

Advancing knowledge and research, creating a worldwide impact

Our mission that prioritizes ground-breaking research and innovation, using a variety of academic approaches.

Gallaudet is classified as an R2 institution — a Doctoral university with high research activity.

Gallaudet University has earned the second highest classification for any research institution in the country. In 2018, it was elevated to an R2 status, a doctoral university with high research activity, designated by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning’s revised edition. 

Gallaudet University is one of only 259 higher education institutions in the United State to hold  the Carnegie R2 designation, a classification reserved for the most rigorous research universities in America. To meet those  requirements, GU awarded at least 20 research/scholarship doctoral degrees during the year of 2018 and reported at least $5 million in research expenditures through the National Science Foundation’s Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey.


Within 6% of higher education institutions with the ‘R1’ or ‘R2’ designation

Robust support systems for research and innovation

Gallaudet University prides itself on a rich research support infrastructure. Read below the research programs and units that compose our research support system.

Supporting external grant funding

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services provides services and support to Gallaudet faculty and staff seeking external funding for projects to benefit the Gallaudet community. Including providing editing assistance with grant proposals and administers the Priority Research and Small Grants programs, encouraging Gallaudet faculty, staff, students, and Clerc Center teachers and staff to apply for Gallaudet research grants through these funds. 

The process of applying for and using outside funding is complex, with multiple legal requirements. The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services provides support and ensures compliance with related regulations and laws while maintaining a consistent and  uniform administration process. The OSPRS is committed to making the grant process smoother for Gallaudet faculty and staff and aims to see all projects to success.

Research always grows at Gallaudet University as a result of our excellent support systems.

Our Research Centers uphold the highest academic and research standards.

These research centers and labs have the support of faculty, funding, staffing, and student researchers looking to simultaneously further the growth of their own research experience and contribute to the growth of academic research at the University. Our faculty continuously ensures that the research centers and labs are operating to the highest industry standards.

Research Programs and Projects

These research programs and projects are conducted through the collaboration of individuals, research labs, academic units, and research partners.

Graduate Student engaging in groundbreaking inquiries

Through Gallaudet University’s 20 graduate degree programs, professional-level students make progress on groundbreaking scientific inquiries through research. Maintaining a direct focus on high-level, degree-granting research, Ph.D. scholars advance traditional scientific knowledge and broaden the high-level representation of the Deaf community within the highest reaches of academia.

Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate