Steering Committee

150th Anniversary committee
Pictured in front of the Kellogg Conference Hotel with three members signing 1-5-0. Pictured from left to right: Brian Suchite, Elvia Guillermo, Fred Weiner, Catherine Murphy, Brian Greenwald (signing #1), Glenn Lockhart, Ethan Sinnot (signing #5), Jean Lindquist Bergey, Sam Sonnenstrahl, MJ Bienvenu (signing #0), Le Toudjida Allara, and Michael Olson.

MJ Bienvenu, chair, professor, Department of ASL and Deaf Studies
Jean Lindquist Bergey, vice chair, outreach liaison and History Through Deaf Eyes director, Office of the Provost
A. Dwight Benedict, dean, Student Affairs and Academic Support
Keith Doane, representative, Student Body Government
Brian Greenwald, professor, Department of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology
Elvia Guillermo, coordinator, Multicultural Student Programs
Glenn Lockhart, director, Public Relations and Communications, Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
Kaitlin Luna, coordinator of media and public relations, Office of Communications and Public Relations
Michelle McAuliffe, assistant professor, Department of Art, Communication and Theater
Angela McCaskill, chief diversity officer. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Catherine Murphy, executive director, Office of Communications and Public Relations
Lynne Murray, vice president of development, alumni, and international relations
Michael Olson, interim director, Library Deaf Collections and Archives
Sam Sonnenstrahl, executive director, Alumni Relations and Gallaudet University Alumni Association
Brian Suchite, representative, Graduate Student Association
Le Toudjida Allara, representative, Graduate Student Association
Danielle Yearout, executive director of development operations, Office of Development
Fred Weiner, assistant vice president of administration, Administration and Finance

Stephen Weiner, ex-officio, provost
Don Beil, ex-officio, chief of staff, Office of the President

Gallaudet's 150th celebration is made possible by generous support from:

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