Chapel Hall from the frontChapel Hall
Built in 1870, Chapel Hall was once the main hub of the university, serving as a chapel, auditorium, exhibit center, and dining hall. This picturesque High Victorian Gothic building is on the National Park Service National Register of Historic Places. See more pictures.

College HallCollege Hall
Completed in 1877, College Hall was the main academic building and dormitory for male students. This is now the main administration building.

House OneEdward Miner Gallaudet Residence
Also known as House one, this 35-room Victorian Gothic mansion was built in 1869 for the university's first president, Edward Miner Gallaudet. 
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Peikoff Alumni HousePeikoff Alumni House
When this gymnasium, affectionately known as "'Ole Jim," was built in 1881, it was considered one of the finest in the nation and boasted what is possibly the first indoor swimming pool in the country.
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Statue of Thomas Gallaudet and Alice CogswellThomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell statue
One of the early works of renowned sculptor Daniel Chester French, this statue depicting the special bond between teacher and student that revolutionized deaf education around the world, was a gift from the National Association of the Deaf in 1889.