The Gallaudet University Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to deaf education, Gallaudet University, and/or the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

The exact date of the origin of the Hall of Fame is not recorded. It began as a small collection of memorials and grew over the years to contain 40 individuals by 1980. To honor the 150th anniversary of the founding of Gallaudet, the Board of Trustees voted to revive the Hall of Fame and induct new members.

Click on the inductees' names below to learn more about them. The Hall of Fame was originally located in Chapel Hall and now most of the original photographs are on display outside the Gallaudet University Deaf Collections and Archives in the Merrill Learning Center. Dr. Elizabeth Peet wrote a series of articles about Hall of Fame inductees that appeared in the Gallaudet Alumni Bulletin in 1951 and 1952. Dr. Donald R. Bangs produced a master's thesis, "A Survey of the Members of the Gallaudet College Hall of Fame," in 1970. The thesis is available through the Gallaudet University Library.

Prior to 1980
  • Isaac Allison
  • Melville Ballard
  • Elizabeth English Benson
  • Arthur Dunham Bryant
  • John Carlin
  • John Chickering
  • Laurent Clerc
  • Harley Daniel Drake
  • Amos Galusha Draper
  • Leonard Marvin Elstad
  • Charles Russell Ely
  • The Abbe Charles Michel de l'Epee
  • Allan Bradshaw Fay
  • Edward Allen Fay
  • Irving S. Fusfeld
  • Edward Miner Gallaudet
  • Thomas Gallaudet
  • Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
  • James A. Garfield
  • Percival Hall
  • Percival Hall, Jr.
  • Olof Hanson
  • John Burton Hotchkiss
  • Frederick Henry Hughes
  • Amos Kendall
  • Walter John Krug
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Thomas Scott Marr
  • Edith M. Nelson
  • Elizabeth Peet
  • Harvey Prindle Peet
  • Isaac Lewis Peet
  • Richard M. Phillips
  • Samuel Porter
  • The Abbe R. A. Sicard
  • Frank B. Smith
  • Henry Winter Syle
  • George M. Teegarden
  • Cadwallader Lincoln Washburn
  • Glenn B. Anderson
  • Deborah Meranski Sonnenstrahl
  • Gerald "Bummy" Burstein
  • Andrew Jackson Foster
  • Gertrude Scott Galloway
  • Jack R. Gannon
  • Mervin D. Garretson
  • Petra Fandrem Howard
  • I. King Jordan
  • Alto Lowman
  • Roslyn Goodstein Rosen
  • William C. Stokoe
  • Norman L. Tully
  • Frank R. Turk
  • Bernard Bragg

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