Hotchkiss Field
12:30 P.M. Paul Singleton 10 minutes
  Jack Levesque 10 minutes
  Greg Hlibok 5 minutes
  Dr. Roz Rosen 5 minutes
Fred Weiner explains march route/Walk to Kendall 10 minutes
Kendall Parking Lot
1:10 P.M. Jamie Tucker introductions and
next segment
  Sharon Wood 5 minutes
  Terry Giansanti 5 minutes
  MSSD President 5 minutes
  Walk to HMB 5 minutes
Hall Memorial Building/Plaza steps
1:30 Dr. Harvey Goodstein introductions and
next segment
  Dr. Allan Sussman 5 minutes
  John Kubis 5 minutes
  Ausma Smits 5 minutes
  Walk to President's House 10 minutes
President's House
1:55 Jeff Rosen introductions and
next segment
5 minutes
  Dr. Yerker Andersson 5 minutes
  Dr. William J.A. Marshall 5 minutes
  Walk to EMG statue 10 minutes
EMG Statue
2:20 Fred Weiner introductions
  B.J. Wood 5 minutes
  Gary Olsen 5 minutes
  Clayton Valli 5 minutes
2:35 End of Rally '88 and wrapup
Paul Singleton
2:35-3:00 25 minutes of extra time