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Protecting Clerc Center starts with each of us​!

Current Mask Status at Clerc Center

Health & Safety Information

Campus Access/Self-Assessment

Read how to access our campus and how to complete the health self-assessment.
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Visitor Policy

Read how to visitor policy and how to visit our campus.
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Find out about the weekly testing and how you can schedule an testing appointment.
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Learn about the vaccination center at Clerc Center, how you can request a vaccine exemption or where you can receive your vaccine on campus.
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Find out the meaning and criterias for the mask policy status and where you can request free masks.
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Find out how Clerc Center is approaching cleaning and sanitation.
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Learn about Clerc Center's quarantine/isolation guidelines if you're arriving on campus.
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Dining/Food Services

Eat in peace and safety, following Clerc Center guidelines.
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Classroom Safety

Each of us has a role to play in protecting Clerc Center. Keep safety in mind while you're in the classroom.
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School Bus

Riding our student transportation is great. Read Clerc Center approach to keep everyone safe.
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Find out about our athletic season and additional protocols for student athletes and team members.
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Residential Living

Find out how we can make our residential life safer for everyone.
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Learn about our campus improvements and installations.
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Contact Tracing

Find out more about self-reports and the activation of contact tracing procedure on campus.
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Clerc Center Key Dates

  • August 16-27: Kickoff professional development for teachers and staff (no school)
  • August 20: Registration deadline for KDES and MSSD
  • August 30-September 3: KDES first week of school (8/30 remote learning; 8/31-9/3 in-person learning)
  • September 7: KDES returns to fully in-person learning
  • September 4 & 5: MSSD dorm move-in days
  • August 30-September 13: MSSD first two weeks remote learning
  • September 16: MSSD returns to fully in-person learning


Clerc Center is here for you.


Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate