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Dining/Food Services

  1. All generally applicable COVID protocols apply for dining and food services (e.g. physical distancing, regular cleaning, hand sanitation, etc).
  2. Meals will be taken in the following locations under modified processes:
    • KDES: classrooms
    • MSSD: cafeteria
  3. Protocols have been established for the ordering and delivery of meals for students in on-campus quarantine and isolation.

General Protocols

Follow generally applicably COVID protocols during food prep and dining.

Cafeteria Dining (MSSD)

Modify cafeteria/dining hall process to minimize transmission risk.

Quarantine & Isolation

Implement processes for ordering and distribution of food for individuals in quarantine and isolation.

Food Preparation

Protocols for food service staff, food safety, and distribution.

Classroom Dining (KDES)

Serve and consume meals in classrooms to the extent possible.

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