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Instructional Models

To fully prepare for online instruction this semester, take the PST90 orientation course. PST90 is a non-credit course that should take you about one to two hours to complete. This training includes a series of short videos and three quizzes with unlimited attempts. You will learn about Blackboard, our learning management system, and Zoom, our video conferencing software. You will also become acquainted with other software to make your online learning fun and interactive.

Let’s get started below!

First, be sure your Gallaudet account is set up. If it is not, go to to set it up. Next, go to and log in. On the right, under Key Links, click on Blackboard.

  1. Click on the Courses tab in Blackboard.
  2. Type PST90 on the search engine in Blackboard.
  3. Click the “star” to make PST90 a favorite, so you do not have to search for this course again.

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