The Academic Advising Office provides academic and career advising for undeclared students and walk-in service for any other students. Academic and career advising includes individual and group advising for new students, interviews, academic planning meetings, course registration, interest and personality testing (i.e., Self-Directed Search and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), computerized career guidance programs, and assistance in selecting an academic major that best matches the student's values, interests, personality, and skills.

Academic/Career Advisors work extensively with academic departments on academic policy, procedure, and curriculum. They are available to faculty for information sharing and other academic and career advising concerns. Advisors also work closely with other student support offices to enhance students' academic performance and general welfare.

Academic/Career Advisors use their knowledge of Gallaudet and its resources to help students select courses and plan their education and careers. Students will be assigned to an advisor during New Student Orientation and remain with the same advisor until the student declares a major. When the student declares a major, the student transfers to a faculty academic advisor within the major department.